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Convict and Colonial History

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Aaron, Isaac - Medical Practitioner


- A Description of Newcastle Aboriginal people by traveller W.B. Cramp written in 1818
- Reminiscences of Aboriginal Tribes near Paterson
- Dawson, Robert - Travels North from Port Stephens in 1826 - Extracts from Present State of Australia in which he gives an account of the natives who accompanied him on his journey.

Account of the Voyage of the Buffalo 1800 -returning to England with former Governor John Hunter in 1800. Also on board the Buffalo was a platypus, a waratah and stones from the Coal River (Hunter River).

Adams, Captain Frank - 28th regiment

Adams, Henry - Innkeeper

Adamstown History

Adair, Samuel, James and George - Settlers

Ahern, Owen - Reminiscences of Newcastle 1860s

A Last Farewell - ANZAC Day at Newcastle in 1916

Alcorn, Edward - Innkeeper

Alcorn, Richard - Innkeeper

Alexander, Samuel - Convict Ship Surgeon

Allan, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Allen, Henry - Bushranger

Allen, Richard - Convict Ship Surgeon

Allen, William - Bushranger

Alley, Richard - Convict Ship Surgeon

Allman, Captain Francis - Military Officer and Settler

Altree, John Turnpenny - Convict Ship Surgeon

Anderson, Alexander - Settler

Anderson, Charles - Convict Ship Surgeon

Anderson, Matthew - Convict Ship Surgeon

A New Song - Botany Bay Published in 1786

A Romantic Tale

Anderson, William - Convict Ship Surgeon

Andrews, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Anlaby, John - Innkeeper

Anley, Ferdinand - Military Officer and Settler

Anley, Captain Phillip Nicol - 17th regiment

Anscomb, Richard - Bushranger

Apothecaries at Maitland

- William Lipscomb
- Charles Vavasour Earle
- William Mutlow
- William Townley Pinhey


- Bradridge, William - Architect and Settler
- Mortimer Lewis - Government Architect
- Francis Greenway
- Harris, Standish Lawrence

A Ride in an Omnibus - Newcastle 1880s

Artists and Engravers

- Craig, William Harrison
- Joseph Lycett
- Preston, Walter

Armstrong, Garret - Bushranger at Newcastle

Armstrong, Captain John - 99th regiment

Armstrong, Lancelot - Convict Ship Surgeon

Armstrong, Robert - Convict Ship Surgeon

Arndell, James - Settler at Lake Macquarie

Arndell, Thomas - First Fleet Surgeon

Arndell, Thomas - Settler

Arnold, Joseph - Convict Ship Surgeon

Assignment System
Governor Bourke was directed to discontinue assignment of convicts i.e. lending convicts out for hire to free settlers in the colony, by a despatch dated 26 May 1837. The system ceased in 1838

Atkins, John - Bushranger

Atkinson, William - Bushranger

A Trip to Maitland in 1826

Aubyn, Captain Phillip - 57th regiment

Australia Felix - Major Mitchell gave the name Australia Felix to Victoria when he explored the region in 1836

Australia Named - Matthew Flinders in his work A voyage to Terra Australis suggested the name. Had I permitted myself any innovation upon the original term (Terra Australis) it would have been to convert it into Australia as being more agreeable to the ear. 1814.

Australian Agricultural Company

In 1830 the government handed over its Newcastle coal mines to the
Australian Agricultural Company. Coal mining became the most profitable arm of the company for the rest of the century.

- A.A. Company Coal Miners
- First A.A. Company mine at Newcastle 1831
- Company miner refusal to work 1838
- Frank the Poet

Commissioners of the Company:
- Robert Dawson
- Henry Dumaresq
- Sir Edward Parry
- Phillip Parker King

Australian Inventions

Australian Slang

Australia's Strongest Sports Centre

A Visit to my Daughter and a Trip to the last days races - Dr. Thomas Parmeter 1835 of de Quirosville

A Vocabularly of the Flash Language compiled by James Hardy Vaux - A forerunner of today s Australia Slang


Babington, Arthur Wellesley Wellington - Convict Ship Surgeon

Backhouse, James and Walker, George Washington - Missionaries from Society of Friends. Arrived Sydney in the Henry Freeling December 1834; Norfolk Island 1835; Moreton Bay 1836; Newcastle and Maitland 1836

Bailey, Samuel - Innkeeper

Baird, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Baker, Henry - Convict Ship Surgeon

Baker, William - Bushranger

Ballard, Robert - Innkeeper

Balmain, William - Convict Ship Surgeon

Bank of Newcastle 1828

Barnes, George Frederick - Medical Practitioner

Barney, Lieutenant-Col. George - Royal Engineers

Barr, James - Convict Ship Surgeon


- Carter s Barracks
- Hyde Park - situated at the eastern end of King street, Sydney. Erected in Governor Macquarie s time and first occuped June 1819
- Parramatta Barracks
- Newcastle Convict Barracks

Barralier, Ensign - Expedition to the Hunter River 1801

Barrington, George - Celebrated pickpocket arrived on the Active in 1791

Bartie, Thomas - Settler

Barton, Lady Jane Mason - Wife of Sir Edmund Barton

Bastone, Frederick - Medical Practitioner

Baudin, Nicolas - The Baudin expedition was commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte. It was headed by Captain Nicolas Baudin in the Geographe with his second-in-command, Jacques-Felix-Emmanuel Hamelin, in the Naturaliste. See Early Maritime Explorers

Bauer, Ferdinand - Natural History painter. Expedition to the Hunter River 1801

Baumgartner - Lieut-Col Robert - 27th regt.,

Baxter, Alexander MacDuff - Attorney General

Baxter, William - Innkeeper

Beacher, Richard - Newcastle Pilot

Beard, Henry - Bushranger

Beardmore, Frederick - Medical Practitioner

Beattie, Francis - Innkeeper

Beith, Robert - Convict Ship Surgeon

Bell, Archibald junior - Explorer and Settler

Bell, David Wake - Convict Ship Surgeon

Bell, Samuel - Bushranger

Bell, Thomas - Convict Ship Surgeon

Bell, William - Bushranger

Bell, William Sims - Settler

Bellew, Patrick and Mary Ann - Innkeepers

Bellot, Thomas - Convict Ship Surgeon

Bells - Our ancestors were ruled by Bells

Bettington, James Brindley - Settler
Bettington, John Henshall - Settler
Bettington, Joseph Horton - Settler

Beveridge, Adam - Land grantee

Beyer, Augustus Jacob - Convict Ship Surgeon

Beyond the Sea - Brian Ahearn, descendant of convict Murtagh Ahern, is author of Beond the Sea, the life and times of Murtagh Ahern and the log of the convict ship Atlas - Read selected extracts from Journey into Hell Chapter 11

Biddulph, Commander Edward - brought the first steam boat to Australia in 1831

Billing, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Binder, Richard - Innkeeper

Bingle, John - Settler - Excursion to Lake Macquarie in 1822

Birnie, George - Convict Ship Surgeon

Black, James - Settler

Blackburn, Captain Isaac - 17th regt.,

Blackwell, John - Innkeeper

Bland, William - Convict Ship Surgeon

Blaxland, George - Settler

Blaxland, Gregory - Saltworks at Newcastle

Blaxland, John

Blick, John William Penn - Medical Practitioner

Blomfield, Lieut. Thomas Valentine - 48th regt.,

Boatbuilders at Newcastle

- Thomas Crump
- Fortisco de Santo
- William Smith

Bold Jack Donohue - Australia s famous bushranger

Boodle, Rev. George

Booth, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Botany Bay Fleet - The First Fleet 1788

Botany Bay Hero - Michael Kean s experiences as a convict

Botany Bay - Song

Bourke, Sir Richard - Governor of the colony
- Visit to Newcastle in 1833
- Visit to Newcastle in 1836

Boughton, John - Settler

Bowe, Henry - Medical Practitioner

Bowen, Edward - Bushranger

Bowen - Lieutenant - Arrived in command of the guard on the Atlantic in 1791

Bowen, William - Innkeeper

Bower, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Bower, Robert - Convict Ship Surgeon

Bowers, Joseph - Bushranger

Bowler, John William - Convict Ship Surgeon

Bowker, Richard Ryther Steer - Medical Practitioner

Bowman, Charles - Innkeeper

Bowman, George - Settler

Bowman, James - Convict Ship Surgeon and Settler

Bowman, John C. - Convict Ship Surgeon

Bowser, Timothy - Bushranger

Boydell, Charles - Settler

Boyne, Lachlan - Innkeeper

Boyter, David - Convict Ship Surgeon

Brackenreg, James - Innkeeper

Bradford, Abraham - Convict Ship Surgeon

Bradish, Timothy - Bushranger

Bradridge, William - Architect and Settler

Brady, Thomas - Irish Rebel. Sent to Coal River penal settlement in 1804

Branigan, Edward - Bushranger

Brazill, William - Innkeeper

Brewery - First ale manufactured in the colony was by James Squire in 1795

Bricks - First bricks made at Brickfield Hill, Sydney in 1788

Briggs, James - Innkeeper

Brisbane - First settled in 1825 under charge of Lieut. Miller. Known as Moreton Bay

Brock, Henry Gordon - Convict Ship Surgeon

Broderick, James - Innkeeper

Bromley - Edward Foord - Convict Ship Surgeon

Brooks, George - Surgeon and Settler

Brooks, William - Settler

Broughton - William Grant - Ship board diary kept on the voyage of convict ship John in 1829. Appointed Archdeacon of NSW 7 December 1828

Brown, Crawford Logan - Settler

Brown, David - Innkeeper

Brown, David - Settler

Brown, Edwin - Innkeeper

Brown, Henry - Convict

Brown, Robert - Botanist. Sailed with Matthew Flinders in 1801

Brown, Thomas - Innkeeper

Brown, William - Medical Practitioner

Browne, John - Innkeeper

Browne, Morgan - Bushranger

Browning, Colin Arrott - Convict Ship Surgeon

Brownrigg, Thomas - Convict Ship Surgeon

Bryant, Charles - Innkeeper

Bryant, William and Mary - Escaped from the colony 1791

Brydone, James Marr - Convict Ship Surgeon

Bryson, Alexander - Convict Ship Surgeon

Bruin, Patrick - Bushranger near Maitland in 1843

Buchanan, Colin - Medical Practitioner

Buchanan, William - Settler

Buckley, William - Arrived on the Calcutta. Escaped from Collins Port Phillip expedition 27 December 1803 and lived with Port Phillip blacks for 32 years

Buffalo Convict Ship bringing French-Canadian Patriots in 1840

Buist, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Bull, Captain John Edward Newell - 99th regt

Bundock, Ellen - Memoirs

Bunyip Aristocracy - an Australian term satirising attempts to develop a titled aristocracy in the NSW government - On August 15, 1853, Daniel Deniehy, champion of democracy and one of Australia's great orators, made his debut on the public stage in the Victoria Theatre, Sydney. He strongly opposed William Wentworth's draft New South Wales Constitution, which aimed to establish an hereditary unelected Australian Lordships-based Upper House for the benefit of a few, while imposing restrictions on voting rights for the lower house to those possessing substantial property. An egalitarian and republican, Deniehy passionately criticized this proposal, employing scathing satire to undermine the idea and labeling it as a "Bunyip Aristocracy." His speech generated considerable laughter and applause and contributed to the withdrawal of Wentworth's proposal to establish an hereditary aristocracy in NSW - Australian Unique Phrases

Burgess, William - Innkeeper

Burgis, John Rawlins - Innkeeper

Burn, David - Journal of a Voyage to Newcastle and Hunter River October 1844

Burnside, Matthew - Convict Ship Surgeon

Burrell, John and Benjamin - Bushrangers

Busby, James - Vignernon


Bushrangers Index
Early Bushrangers near Newcastle - Garrett Armstrong
- Thomas Desmond
- John Fitzgerald
Famous Bushrangers - Bold Jack Donohoe
- Ben Hall
- Martin Cash
- The Jew boy Gang
- Jacob s Irish Brigade
- Francis McNamara - Frank the Poet
- John Vane

Butler, Henry Bishop - Innkeeper

Button, Captain Charles Fizachary - 46th regt.,

Bynoe, Benjamin - Convict Ship Surgeon


Cabbage Tree Hats

Cadell, James John - Medical Practitioner

Caldwell, Edward - Convict Ship Surgeon

Caldwell Joseph - Convict Ship Surgeon

Caldwell, Samuel - Innkeeper

Caley, George - Expedition to the Hunter River 1801

Callaghan, Elizabeth - Innkeeper

Callaghan, John - Innkeeper

Callam James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Cameron, Charles - Convict Ship Surgeon

Cameron, Charles - Settler

Cameron, Hugh - Settler

Campbell, Francis Rawdon Hastings - Medical Practitioner

Campbell, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Campbell, Lieut. Pieter Laurenz - 21st Fusiliers

Cannon, Joseph - Innkeeper

Canton Convict Ship. Extracts from Notes of an Exile in 1840

Canvin, Robert - Innkeeper

Capp, Charles - Innkeeper

Captain Patrick Logan s Journal - Captain Logan was Commandant at Moreton Bay in 1826

Captain James Wallis - Commandant at Newcastle 1816 - 1818

Carlyle, William Bell - Surgeon and Settler

Carmichael, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Carpenter, Jane - Innkeeper

Carter, Charles - Convict Ship Surgeon

Carter, William - Settler

Cash, Martin - Bushranger

Castle Forbes Uprising

Castle Hill Rebellion

Caswell, William - Settler

Cedar Getters at the Hunter River

Chaffey, William - Bushranger

Chambre, Lieut. James - 96th regt. Mounted Police

Champain - Lieut. Gilbert - 5th Fusiliers

Chapman, Matthew - Settler

Cheater, William - Innkeeper

Chitty, Robert - Bushranger

Chivers, George

Christie, Colin - Reminiscences of Colin Christie of Newcastle 1850s

Christie, Samuel Tolfrey 80th regt. Mounted Police

City Baths - Newcastle

Clarke, Charles Miller - Innkeeper

Clarke, George - Bushranger

Clarke, James Leathem - Convict Ship Surgeon

Clarke, Richard - Convict Ship Surgeon

Clarke, Robert Whitmore - Convict Ship Surgeon

Clarke, Thrasycles - Convict Ship Surgeon

Clayton, George - Convict Ship Surgeon

Cleary, Lawrence - Bushranger

Clifford, William - Convict Ship Surgeon

Clift, William - Innkeeper

Close, Edward C. - 48th regt., Settler at Morpeth


Bushrangers - what they may have worn
Cabbage Tree Hat
Convict Clothing
Bold Jack Donohoe
Attire of female convicts on the Elizabth in 1818

Clynch, Patrick - Bushranger


- Discovery of by escaping convicts in 1791
- Discovered at Port Stephens in 1796
- At Hunter River in 1797

Coal Mines

- Early Convict Coal Miners at Newcastle
- Australian Agricultural Company Coal Miners
- Coal Mines at Newcastle in 1858
- Miner Refusal to Work

Coal Fired Navigation Beacon

Coates, Edward - Convict Ship Surgeon

Cobb, George - Settler

Cobb, John - Settler

Cobban, Ensign George Geddes Mackenzie 50th regt., Mounted Police

Cochrane, Harman - Convict Ship Surgeon

Cochrane, James - Medical Practitioner

Cockatoo Island - In Port Jackson - Place of punishment to send convicts

Cody, Patrick - Arrived with his convict mother Ellen Cody on the convict ship Canada in 1817. He became a pioneer of Gippsland and died a very wealthy man. Read his story written by researcher Sue Kennedy here

Cohen, Henry Joseph - Innkeeper

Cohen, Lewis - Innkeeper

Cohen, P.J. - Innkeeper

Cohen, Simeon - Innkeeper

Coke, Lieut. William Sacherverell - 39th regt

Coleman, John - Innkeeper

Coleman, William Peagum - Medical Practitioner

Collier, Henry - Innkeeper

Colliers Point and the First Settlement at Newcastle

Collins, John Thomas - Innkeeper

Collins, Michael - Bushranger

Collins, Thomas - Bushranger

Colonial Appointments

Colonial Event Index

- 1788
- 1789
- 1790
- 1791
- 1792
- 1793
- 1794
- 1795
- 1796
- 1797
- 1798
- 1799
- 1800

Colonial Military Officers

Commandants at Newcastle

- Lieutenant Charles Menzies -
- Newcastle Settlement 1804
- Ensign Cadwallader Draffen
- Charles Throsby
- William Lawson
- Ensign Villiers
- Lieutenant John Purcell
- Lieutenant Thomas Thompson
- Lieutenant Skottowe
- Captain James Wallis
- Major James Thomas Morisset

Connellan, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Considen, Dennis - Convict Ship Surgeon


Convicts - Famous and Infamous

Convict Escapes
- Convict Escape from Rose Hill 1790
- William and Mary Bryant

Unusual Convict Names

Convict Rebellion
- Castle Forbes Uprising
- Castle Hill Rebellion

Convict Assignment and Punishment 1813

Convict Ships Index - Links to Convict Ships arriving in New South Wales, Norfolk Island and Van Diemen s Land 1788 - 1850

Convict Ships arrival by Year

Convict Ships and Surgeons to Van Diemen's Land 1812 - 1853

Convict Ship Surgeons - Index

The First Fleet

Female Convict Ship Trail

Irish Convict Ship Trail

Convict Ships to New South Wales in 1835

Convict Ships to Norfolk Island

Conditions on Convict Ships

Convict Ship Captains

The Third Fleet - Health of the Convicts

Convict Pirates

Convict Ship Canton in 1840 - Extract from Notes of an Exile to Van Dieman s Land by Linus Wilson Miller

Convict Ship Buffalo bringing French Canadian Patriots to NSW in 1840

Surgeons and Medicos sent as Convicts

Female Convicts

Female Factory at Parramatta

Female Factory at Newcastle

Extracts from Female Convict Ship Pages

Convicts sent to Newcastle Penal Settlement after Castle Hill rebellion

Early Convict Coal Miners at Newcastle

Inquiry into the State of the Colony of New South Wales - Report of the Commissioner John Thomas Bigge 1822

Limeburners Gang near Newcastle

Prison Hulk Report 1838

Famous Convicts
- William and Mary Bryant
- Martin Cash
- George Clarke
- Frank the Poet
- Joseph Lycett
- Molly Morgan and the Angel Inn
- James Hardy Vaux
- John Standfield
- Mary Talbot
- Walter Preston
- William Harrison Craig

Convict Ship Surgeons Index

Conway, David Barry - Convict Ship Surgeon

Coo-ee - Originally a unique call of communication between Aboriginal people. See Other unique phrases

Cook, Joseph - Convict Ship Surgeon

Coombes, John James - Convict Ship Captain

Cornelius, Ann - Innkeeper

Cornelius, Richard - Innkeeper

Cornstalks - Unique term for colonial born youth. See Australian Slang and Other unique phrases


- William Dun
- John Scotto Parker
- Major Charles Thomas Smeathman

Cosgreave, Peter - Convict Ship Surgeon

Cottage Creek, Newcastle

Rev. Threlkeld at Cottage Creek

Cottrell, Robert - Innkeeper

Coulston, Thomas - Innkeeper

Court, William - Innkeeper

Court-house at Newcastle 1841 - 1900

County Electors - Newcastle 1855

Cox, Benjamin - Innkeeper

Cox, James - Innkeeper

Cox, Thomas Balden - Innkeeper

Cox, William - Settler

Coxen, Stephen - Settler

Craig, William Harrison - Convict Artist

Craigie, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Cressy, Ensign Charles - NSW Corps

Crocket, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Croft, James - Innkeeper

Croft, Martha - Innkeeper

Croker, Major William - 17th regt.,

Cromarty, William - Pilot at Newcastle

Cross, Alexander - Convict Ship Surgeon

Crossing the Liverpool Ranges in 1850 - John Henderson

Crossley, George - Sent to Newcastle Penal Settlement in 1808

Crummer, James Henry - Police Magistrate at Newcastle

Crump, Thomas - Boat builder at Newcastle c 1804 - 1810

Cuff, Patrick - Bushranger

Cullen, Thomas - Innkeeper

Cumberland at Newcastle 1830s

Cummins, Richard Power - Innkeeper

Cummings, William - Settler

Cunningham, Allan - Botanist and Explorer

Cunningham, Lennox Thompson - Convict Ship Surgeon

Cunningham, Peter - Surgeon and Settler

Currency - Copper Coins arrived from England on the Porpoise in 1800

Currency Lads and Lasses - Native born inhabitants of the colony to distinguish from immigrants - See Slang and Unique Phrases

Customs Terms - see Sea Grave Yard


Dangar, Henry - Surveyor and Settler

Dangar, Thomas - Innkeeper

Dangar, William - Settler

Darby, George Elde - Surveyor and Headmaster at Newcastle

Darcy, Frank - Boxer

Darling Downs - Discovered and named by Allan Cunningham 5 June 1827

Davidson, James - Bushranger

Davidson, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Davie, Thomas - Convict Ship Surgeon

Davies, James Charles - Reminiscences of Newcastle

Davies, Thomas - Convict Ship Surgeon

Davis, Edward - Bushranger

Davis, James - Bushranger

Davis, John Martin - Settler

Dawson, Robert - Settler
- Travels North from Port Stephens in 1826. Robert Dawson was the first Agent for the Australian Agricultural Company. Extracts from his Present State of Australia in which he describes the country side north of Port Stephens and gives an account of the natives who accompanied him on his journey.

Day, Edward Denny - Police Magistrate at Maitland

Day, Captain Henry James - 99th regt.,

Deas, David - Convict Ship Surgeon

Dee, Charles - Innkeeper

Delaney, Daniel - Bushranger

De Santo, Fortisco - Boat Builder at Newcastle

Desmond, Thomas - Bushranger

Dewar, Alexander - Convict Ship Surgeon

Dickson, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Dickson, Robert - Convict Ship Surgeon

Dight - John, Samuel and George - Settlers

Dillon, Robert Corum - Settler

Discovery of Hunter River 1797

Discovery of Lake Macquarie in 1800

Dixon, Andrew - Settler

Dixon, Frederick - Innkeeper

Dixon, Robert - Surveyor

Dobie, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Dobie, Robert - Convict Ship Surgeon

Docker, Joseph - Settler and Medical Practitioner

Donelan, Captain John William - 57th regt.,

Donnelly, Patrick - Bushranger

Donnelly, Samuel - Convict Ship Surgeon

Donnelly, William - Convict Ship Surgeon

Donnet, James John Louis - Convict Ship Surgeon

Donoghoe, Anthony - Convict Ship Surgeon

Donohoe, John - Bushranger Bold Jack Donohoe

Donovan, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Donovan, John - Bushranger

Doolan, John - Bushranger

Douglas, James - Medical Practitioner

Dow, John - Settler

Dowe, Joshua - Medical Practitioner

Dowling, Sir James - Chief Justice

Doyle, Cyrus Matthew - Settler

Doyle, Edmund - Innkeeper

Doyle, James - Innkeeper

Draffen, Ensign Cadwallader- NSW Corps. Commandant at Newcastle 1805

Drama - First theatrical performance in Australia was comedy The Recruiting Officers on 4 June 1789

Drew, William - Innkeeper

Drummond, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Drysdale, John Waugh - Medical Practitioner


- Between Lieut-Col Paterson and John Macarthur in 1801
- Ensign Charles Cressy challenged Lieut. Charles Menzies in 1805
- Between Mr. Saxe Bannister, the Attorney General and Dr. Wardell in October 1826
- Between Stuart Alexander Donaldson of the Legislative Council and Sir Thomas Mitchell, Surveyor General
- David Sloane was fined for attempting to Duel with Maitland solicitor John Turner in 1852

Duke, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Dulhunty, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Du Moulin, James Andrew - Medical Practitioner

Duffy, Hugh - Bushranger

Duguid, Leslie - Settler

Dumaresq, Henry - Settler. Commissioner A.A. Company

Dumaresq, William - Settler

Dun, William - Settler and Coroner

Dungog Residents 1830s and 1840s

Dunn, Robert - Convict Ship Surgeon

Dunn, Thomas Russell - Convict Ship Surgeon

Durack, Fanny - Olympic Champion at Newcastle Ocean Baths 1915


Eales, John - Settler

Earl, John - Settler

Earle, Charles Vavasour - Apothecary

Early, Henry - Innkeeper

Early Convict Coal Miners

Early Days at Port Stephens

Early Pilots and Harbour Masters at Newcastle

-William Cromarty
- Arnold Fisk
- William Eckford
- Charles Hughes
- George Jackson
- Alexander Livingstone
- Richard Beacher

Early Maritime Explorers

Ebenezer Estate

Eckford, Henry - Innkeeper

Eckford, John

Eckford, Joseph - Innkeeper

Eckford, William - Innkeeper

Eckford, William - Pilot at Newcastle

Edwards - James - Bushranger

Edwards, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Edwards, Thomas - Bushranger

Edye, Alfred - Medical Practitioner

Eipper, Rev. Christophe

Elgan, Henry - Bushranger

Elliott, John Wilson - Convict Ship Surgeon

Ellis, Henry - Bushranger

Ellis, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Elyard, William - Convict Ship Surgeon

Emancipist - An emancipist was a convict sentenced and transported under the convict system to Australia, who had been given a conditional or absolute pardon.


- Small Pox or a disease similar to it, caused the death of many natives in the early days of the colony.
- Catarrh in August 1820 .
- Whooping cough came on the ship Morley in 1828. Deaths included the son of Governor Darling.
- The convict ship America was quarantined on arrival in 1829 because of measles.
- The Minerva with immigrants brought typhus fever. 18 men and 15 women perished.
- Widespread influenza in 1838
- Scarlatina caused the death of children in 1841
- Small Pox caused the deaths of natives at Port Macquarie December 1831
- Frank Darcy and the Spanish Influenza 1919

Eipper, Rev. Christopher - Missionary at Moreton Bay and Presbyterian Officiated at Paterson NSW

Eraring History

Escape from Rose Hill 1790

Escapees from Port Stephens

Espie, Robert - Surgeon Superintendent on Convict Ships

Eureka Stockade - 2 December 1854

Evans, Evan - Convict Ship surgeon

Evans, William - Surgeon and Settler

Evans, William - Convict Ship Surgeon

Everett, John - Bushranger

Evernden, Lieut. Thomas - 3rd regt.,

Evidence of George Shaw Rutherford

Ewing, Robert - Innkeeper


- The first execution in the colony took place on 6 March 1788. James Barrett was executed for robbery
- Executions took place in the sand hills near the old Newcastle Gaol
- Execution of Hitchcock and Poole 1833
- Executions in the Hunter Valley


- Expedition to the Hunter River - Lady Nelson 1801
- United States Exploring Expedition
- Allan Cunningham Expedition 1827
- Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell Expedition 1831
- John Howe 1820
- Expedition of Edmund Lockyer
- Benjamin Singleton


- Governor Arthur Phillip attempted an exploration towards the Blue Mountains in 1788 and the Hawkesbury in 1789
- George Cayley in 1804
- Edmund Kennedy - Adoniah Vallack was part of a rescue mission. See also Harry Brown
- Cunningham, Allan
- Mitchell, Sir Thomas Livingstone
- Edmund Lockyer
- Captain Collett Barker of 39th regiment arrived on the Phoenix in 1828
- Explorer - Maritime


- Convict Ship Three Bees
- Explosion at Newcastle 1826


Fairfowl, George - Convict Ship Surgeon

Farquarson, James - Innkeeper

Farrell, Roger - Correspondence from Newcastle Penal Settlement 1810

Farrow, Thomas - Bushranger

Faunce, Captain Alured Tasker - 4th regt.,

Feeney, Patrick - Bushranger

Female Convicts - Links to Convict Ships transporting female prisoners to NSW

Female Factory at Newcastle

Female Factory at Parramatta

Fenians - Irish political prisoners escaped from Fremantle, Western Australia on the American whaler Catalpa on 17 April 1875

Fenton, Abraham - Medical Practitioner

Ferguson, Archibald - Convict Ship Surgeon

Ferguson, James - Innkeeper

Ferrier, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Field, John - Settler and Gaol Keeper

First Fleet - Botany Bay Fleet 1788

First Fleet Ships

- HMS Supply
- Alexander
- Charlotte
- Friendship
- Lady Penrhyn
- Prince of Wales
- Scarborough
- Sirius
- Borrowdale,
- Fishburn
- Golden Grove

First Fleet Surgeons

- John White Surgeon-General
- George Worgan
- Dennis Considen
- Thomas Arndell
- William Balmain
- John Turnpenny Altree
- Arthur Bowes Smyth
- James Callam
- Thomas Jamison

Fisher, Peter - Convict Ship Surgeon

Fisher, William - Settler

Fisk, Arnold - Pilot at Newcastle

Fitzgerald, John - Bushranger

Fitzgerald, Patrick - Innkeeper

Flash Language

Fleming Brothers Reunion 1923

Fleming, Robert - Reminiscences of Newcastle

Flood, Alexander - Hotel keeper at Newcastle

Flying Foxes - A plague at Rose HIll in 1791

Foard, Elizabeth and Michael - Innkeepers

Follow the Female Convict Ship Trail

Follow the Irish Convict Ship Trail

Forbes, Sir Francis - Land Owner

Forbes, George - Settler

Forman, George Ellery - Convict Ship Surgeon

Forrester, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Forrester, Thomas - Bushranger

Fortisco de Santo - Boatbuilder at Newcastle

Fowler, Thomas Holllingworth - Medical Practitioner

Fox, George Irwin - Convict Ship Surgeon

France, Campbell - Convict Ship Surgeon

Francis - Launch of Colonial vessel Francis in 1793

Frank Darcy - Boxer. Brother of Les Darcy. Died during the Spanish Influenza pandemic in 1919

Frankland, George Jackson - Settler

Franklin, Lady Jane - Wife of Sir John Franklin visited the Commercial Inn at Newcastle in 1839

Frank the Poet - Francis McNamara arrived on the convict ship Eliza in 1832

Fraser, Lieut. Simon - 80th regt.,
Select here to read about an outbreak of convicts while Lieut. Fraser was superintendent of the No. 3 stockade at Newcastle in 1842

Fraudsters and Swindlers

- Henry Turner Harrington
- James Sevencroft Blomfield - Arrived on the Royal Sovereign 1835

Frederick, Francis - Innkeeper

Free Settlers

French, Thomas - Innkeeper

Friedrich Gerstacker - Traveller

Fulford, James - Innkeeper

Fuller, Charles Henry - Convict Ship Surgeon

Furber, George - Innkeeper

Furlong, Richard Tasker - 80th regt. Engineer and Superintendent Newcastle

Fyfe - Convict Ship Surgeon


Gaggin, John - Settler

Gall, Lieut. Isaac Hindley Herbert - 99th regt

Galloway, Thomas - Convict Ship Surgeon

Gammack, Alexander - Medical Practitioner

Gannon, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Gaols and Penal Settlements

- Maitland Gaol
- Newcastle Gaol
- Cockatoo Island
- Norfolk Island
- Towrang Stockade

Gatwood, Samuel - Get caught stealing and see the world!

Geddes, David - Convict Ship Surgeon

German Vine-dressers in the Hunter Valley 1850s

Gerstacker, Friedrich - Traveller

Gibbes, Francis Blower - Settler

Gibbons, James - Bushranger

Gibson, Alexander - Innkeeper

Gibson, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Gibson, Lieut. Thomas - 4th regt.,

Gilchrist, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Gill, John - Medical Practitioner

Gill, Thomas - Settler

Gillman, Captain Henry - 3rd regt.

Gilmour, Hugh - Reminiscences of Newcastle

Gipps, Governor - Visit to Newcastle in 1844

Glanfield, Thomas - Innkeeper

Glanville, Richard - Bushranger

Glennie Henry - Medical Practitioner

Glennie, James - Settler

Goldney, Harry - Convict Ship Surgeon

Goodsir, Michael - Convict Ship Surgeon

Gorrick, Isaac - Innkeeper

Gorrick, Jacob - Innkeeper


- Gold rush to Hanging Rock
- Edward Hammond Hargreaves

Gooch, Henry - Settler

Goodwin, John - Medical Practitioner

Gore, James - Bushranger

Gore, Provost Marshall William - Sent to Newcastle Penal Settlement in

Government Orders - Newcastle 1807

Governor Bourke to Newcastle in 1833

Governor Bourke to Newcastle in 1836

Governor Macquarie's Tour of Newcastle in 1812

Governor Macquarie's Tour of Newcastle in 1818

Governor Gipps - Visit to Newcastle in 1844

Graham, George Thomas - Settler

Graham, William - Innkeeper

Grant, Lieutenant James - Arrived in Sydney in December
1800 on the Lady Nelson

Grant, Peter - Innkeeper

Green, John - Bushranger

Green, John - Innkeeper

Green, Mark - Innkeeper

Green, Robert - Convict at Maitland

Green, William Benjamin - Innkeeper

Greenland, Edward - Innkeeper

Gregor, William - Convict Ship Surgeon

Gregory, Thomas - Bushranger

Griffin, Francis - Innkeeper

Griffith, Rev. Edward - Two Chapters from Memorials of Rev. Edward Griffith written by his daugher Mary

Grimes, Charles - and the Natives of Port Stephens

Gritten, Charles - Bushranger

Thomas Groves - Innkeeper


Hackett, Oliver - Innkeeper

Haig, Isaac - Medical Practitioner

Hale, James - Settler

Hall, Ben - Find out more about the family of bushranger Ben Hall

Hall, George - Settler

Hall, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Hallett, Charles Henry -Medical Practitioner

Hallion, John William - Convict Ship Surgeon

Ham, James - Innkeeper

Hamett, Sir John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Hamilton, Andrew - Bushranger

Hamilton, James - Innkeeper

Hamilton, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Hamilton, John Macauley - Convict Ship Surgeon

Hamilton, William - Convict Ship Surgeon

Hampton, John Stephen - Convict Ship Surgeon

Hanging Rock Gold Rush

Hannan House - Maitland

Hannaford, James Kay - Innkeeper

Hannell, James - Innkeeper

Hannell, John - Innkeeper

Harbour Lights - Newcastle

Hargraves, Edward Hammond - found gold near Bathurst in February 1851. Later resided at
Norah Head, NSW.

Harper, William - Surveyor and Settler

Harris, Benjamin - Bushranger

Harris, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Harris, May - Newcastle's first female medical practitioner

Harrington, Henry Turner - Medical Practitioner

Harris, Standish Lawrence - Architect and Settler

Harry Brown

Hart, John - Innkeeper

Hartley, Grayson - Settler

Haslam, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Hawker, Thomas - Bushranger

Hawkins, Edward - Innkeeper

Hayes, Sir Henry Browne - Former Sheriff of City of Cork. Sent as a convict for the abduction of an heiress

Hayes, Sir Henry Browne - at Newcastle

Haylock, C.D. - Innkeeper

Haylock, Edward - Innkeeper

Health of the Third Fleet Convicts

Heaviside, Captain Richard - 57th regt

Henderson, Andrew - Convict Ship Surgeon

Henry Stuart Russells journey north through the Hunter in 1840


Location of Heritage sites and interesting buildings in Newcastle region

Location of Heritage sites and interesting buildings in Maitland region

Hewitt, Henry - Innkeeper

Hewson, John Butler - Innkeeper

Hicks, Lieutenant William - Settler

Hickey, Daniel - Bushranger

Hicks, Richard - Bushranger

Hilditch, Sir Edward - Convict Ship Surgeon

Hill, Patrick - Convict Ship Surgeon

Hill, Rev. Richard - Settler

Hillier, John - Innkeeper

Hinchcliffe, Jacob - Innkeeper

Hitchcock, Anthony - Bushranger

Hobden, Richard - Settler

Hobson, John (opossum jack) - Bushranger

Hoddle, George - Innkeeper

Hoddle, Robert - Surveyor and Settler

Hogue, Fitzarthur - Innkeeper

Holden, William - Innkeeper

Holdstock, James - Innkeeper

Holland, Dennis - Innkeeper

Holman, Lieutenant James - The Blind Traveller

Holmes, Iram - Bushranger

Honeysett, Thomas - Innkeeper

Hooke, John - Settler

Hooke, Peter - Innkeeper

Hopper, George - Innkeeper

Horse Patrols

Hosking, John


- Newcastle Hospital was first established in a former convict cottage
- Maitland Hospital
- Francis Rawdon Hastings Campbell was appointed Medical Superintendent of Tarban Creek Asylum
- Hannan House

Howard, James - Bushranger

Howe, John - Explorer and Settler

Hudson, Albert - Reminiscenses of Newcastle

Hudson, Beresford - Settler

Hudson, Thomas - Bushranger

Hughes, Charles - Pilot at Newcastle and Innkeeper

Hughes, Henry - Bushranger

Hughes, Joseph Hugh - Convict Ship Surgeon

Hume, Archibald - Convict Ship Surgeon

Hungerford, Captain Emanuel - 32nd regt. Settler

Hunter James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Hunter River

- Hunter River (Coquun) Named after John Hunter.
- Hunter River Discovery 1797

- Hunter River Expedition 1801 - The expedition included
Lieut-Colonel Paterson,
Lieut. James Grant, J. Murray, R.N.,
Ensign Barralier,
George Cayley and
John Harris.

Hunter River Islands -
Moscheto Island,
Dempsey Island,
Spit Island,
Spectacle Island,
Bullock Island and
Ash Island

Hunter-street Church 1863-1904

Journey to the Hunter River in 1829

Journey to the Hunter River by steamer in 1831

Hunter Valley Medical Practitioners

Hunter Valley Placenames

Hunter Valley Settlers

Hunter River Steamers

Huntingtons History of Newcastle

Huxham, John - Innkeeper


Immigrant and Settler Ships 1821 - 1842

Imlay, George - Convict Ship Surgeon

Inches, Charles - Convict Ship Surgeon

Inches, John - Medical Practitioner


- Burwood Colliery
- Burwood Copper Smelter
- Fisher and Donaldson Stockton Tweed Manufactury
- Hughes and Drury - Brickmakers, pottery and pipes Merewether
- Hunter River Soap Works Morpeth
- Henry - Ikin's Cabinet Manufactury - Maitland
- Mears and Buston - Tobacco Manufactury
- Newcastle Coal Mines
- Newcastle Meat Preserving
- Newcastle Potteries - The Junction, Nathan Welham
- Rogers Engineering - Honeysuckle
- Salt at Newcastle
- Salt Works Lake Macquarie - John Herring Boughton
- Saw Pit at Lake Macquarie - Thomas Buxton
- Soap and Candle Works West Maitland - W. Skinner
- Stockton Ship Building

Innes, Major Archibald Clunies - 3rd regt., Port Macquarie

Innes, William - Settler

Innes, William - Innkeeper

Inns and Hotels Index

Inquiry into the State of the Colony of New South Wales - Report of the Commissioner John Thomas Bigge 1822

Instructions to Ensign Draffen

Irvine, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Isaat, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Islands -
Moscheto Island,
Dempsey Island,
Spit Island,
Spectacle Island,
Bullock Island and
Ash Island


Jack, Alexander - Convict Ship Surgeon

Jackson, George - Pilot at Newcastle

Jacob, Vicars - Settler

Jacob s Irish Brigade - Bushrangers

James, John - Innkeeper

Jamison, Thomas - Convict Ship Surgeon

Jeffery, Edward - Convict Ship Surgeon

Jeffrey, Lieutentant Charles - Commander of H.M. Brig Kangaroo

Jenkins, Richard Lewis - Medical Practitioner

Jewboy Gang - Bushrangers

Johnston, Ebenezer - Convict Ship Surgeon

Johnston, Gilbert - Innkeeper

Johnston, James Wingate - Convict Ship Surgeon

Johnston, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Johnstone Major Edward - 50th regt., Settler at Paterson

Jones, David - Bushranger

Jones, George - Bushranger

Jones, John - Bushranger

Jones, John (Gibber Jack) - Bushranger

Jones, Lewis - Innkeeper

Jones, Richard - Settler

Jones, Richard - Innkeeper

Jones, Thomas - Innkeeper

Jones, William H. Bulkeley - Convict Ship Surgeon

Joseph, Nathan - Innkeeper

Journal of a Voyage to Newcastle and Maitland 1844 - David Burn

Journey to the Hunter in 1829

Journey to the Hunter by steamer in 1831


Kangaroo - Colonial Government Brig

Kearney, Felix - Bushranger

Keddie, Robert - Innkeeper

Kelly, Cornelius - Convict Ship Surgeon

Kelly, James - Settler

Kelman, William Dalrymple - Settler

Kelsall, Henry - Convict Ship Surgeon

Kemp, Simon - Innkeeper

Kent, Richard - Convict Ship Surgeon

Kenworthy, Lieut. William - 48th regiment

Keogh, Bernard - Innkeeper

Keown, Thomas Heron - Convict Ship Surgeon

Kerr, Thomas - Innkeeper

Kerrigan, John - Innkeeper

Kerrigan, William - Innkeeper

Kerton, James - Convict

Kesterton, Henry - Innkeeper

Kevern, Charles T.S. - Convict Ship Surgeon

Keys, John - Innkeeper

Kidd, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Kievers, Thomas - Bushranger

Kilroy, Alexander - Convict Ship Surgeon

King, Gilbert - Convict Ship Surgeon

King, Phillip Gidley King - Third Governor of New South Wales

King, William Francis - Known as The Flying Pieman

King William Steamer - wreck of in 1839

Kinnear, Charles Ritchie - Convict Ship Surgeon


Lake Macquarie

- Lake Macquarie - Links
- Discovery of by Europeans 1800
- Eraring History
- James St. John Ranclaud - Settler at Lake Macquarie
- John Bingle - Excursion to Lake Macquarie in 1822
- Threlkeld, Rev. Lancelot - Missionary at Lake Macquarie
- United States Exploring Expedition to Lake Macquarie in 1839
- Australian Inventions

Lamb, James Thomas - Settler

Lancaster, John James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Land Settlement 1792

Lang, Andrew - Settler

Lang, Rev. John Dunmore in 1862 - A journey to the Hunter Valley in 1862

Lang, Archibald - Convict Ship Surgeon

La Perouse - Of the French Exploring Expedition Boussole and Astrolabe landed at Botany Bay 24 January 1788

Lardner, Jason - Convict Ship Surgeon

Larnach, John - Settler

Larrikin - a name given to lawless young men in the colony. From the word larking. Australian Slang and Unique Phrases

Last, Major Edward - 99th regt.,

Latham, William - Innkeeper

Launch of colonial vessel Francis in 1793

Law and Order - Police Force in the Hunter Valley prior to 1862

Lawrence, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Lawrence, Walter - Convict Ship Surgeon

Lawson, Lieutenant William - With William Wentworth and Gregory Blaxland crossed the Blue Mountains in May 1813; Commandant at Newcastle.

Lazzaretto, Emanuel - Convict Ship Surgeon

Leading Lights at Newcastle 1865

Leah, Edward - Convict Ship Surgeon

Ledingham, George - Innkeeper

Lee, George May - Medical Practitioner

Lee, John - Innkeeper

Leeds, John - Innkeeper

Legislative Council of New South Wales Members

- Alexander Macduff Baxter - Attorney-General
- James Bowman - Surgeon
- William Grant Brougton - First Anglican Bishop of Australia
- Edward Close - Settler at Morpeth
- James Dowling - Chief Justice of NSW
- Francis Forbes, Chief Justice
- Thomas Hobbes Scott, Archdeaon
- Alexander Macleay, Colonial Secretary
- John Macarthur
- Robert Campbell senior
- Kenneth Snodgrass - Briefly Governor of NSW
- Charles Throsby

Le Grand, Frederick W. - Convict Ship Surgeon

Leichhardt, Ludwig - Explorer. Visited Alexander Walker Scott in 1842

Leonard, Peter - Convict Ship Surgeon

Lethbridge, Robert - Settler

Lettsom, Major Samuel - 80th regt.,

Levien, Solomon - Innkeeper

Lewis, Henry George - Medical Practitioner

Lewis, Richard - Convict Ship Surgeon

Leyson, William - Convict Ship Surgeon

Liddell, Andrew - Medical Practitioner

Lieut. Phillip Gidley King s Description of Norfolk Island in 1788


- Coal Fired Beacon Newcastle
- Newcastle Leading Lights
- Norah Head

Lime Burners Gang at Newcastle

Lindeman, Henry John - Medical Practitioner

Linton, Charles - Convict Ship Surgeon

Lipscomb, William - Maitland Apothecary

Little, Archibald - Settler

Little, Francis - Settler

Little, Robert - Bushranger

Livingstone, Alexander - Pilot and Harbour Master Newcastle

Lloyd, George - Innkeeper

Lockyer, Edmund - Expedition to Brisbane River 1825

Logan, Francis - Convict Ship Surgeon

Logan, Captain Patrick - Commandant at Moreton Bay. Murdered in 1830

Log Book of the Minerva Fever Ship 1838

Lonsdale, George - Innkeeper

Lord, John - Settler

Love, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Lowe, Nathaniel - 40th regt., Mounted Police

Lugard, Lieut-Col Henry Williamson - Royal Engineers

Lumley, John - Innkeeper

Lunatic Asylum - Tarban Creek (Gladesville) - Francis Rawdon Hastings Campbell Medical Superintendent

Joseph Lycett - Convict Artist sent to Newcastle in 1815


Mackay, Duncan Forbes - Settler

Mackay, Samuel - Convict Ship Surgeon

Mackintosh, Robert - Medical Practitioner

Maclaren, George David - Convict Ship Surgeon

MacLean, William - Settler

Macmillan, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Macpherson, Major Ewen - 99th regiment

Governor Macquarie

Macquarie, Governor Lachlan - Arrived in Sydney on the Hindostan in 1809
- Macquarie and Newcastle Penal Settlement 1810
- Macquarie to Newcastle in 1811
- Macquarie to Newcastle in 1818

Macqueen, Thomas Potter - Settler

Magner, Thomas - Innkeeper

Magovern, Patrick - Convict Ship Surgeon

Maher, Richard - Innkeeper

Mahon, Henry Walsh


- Maitland Links
- Location of Heritage sites and interesting buildings in Maitland region
- Hannan House at Maitland
- Maitland Hospital
- Maitland Gaol
- Reminiscences of Maitland
- A Trip to Maitland in 1826
- Police Force in Maitland
- Probable Usefulness
- Griffith, Rev. Edward
- Robert Green of Maitland
- Robert Lorn Pattison - Steamer Captain

Malcolm, Robert - Convict Ship Surgeon

Mallon, Patrick Walsh - Medical Practitioner

Mann, John - Settler

Map Links - Newcastle and Hunter Valley Maps


- Maritime Explorers
- Launch of the Francis in 1793
- Voyage of the First Fleet
- Newcastle Port Regulations 1815
- Sea Grave Yard

Marshall, John - Bushranger

Marshall, Sampson - Settler

Marshal, Samuel - Innkeeper

Marshall, William Barrett - Convict Ship Surgeon

Martial Law - Proclaimed 5 March 1804 after the convict uprising at Castle Hill

Martin, James - Bushranger

Martin, Ralph George - Innkeeper

Martin, William - Bushranger

Martyn, Patrick - Convict Ship Surgeon

Mason, James - Bushranger

Mason, John - Bushranger

Mason, Martin - Convict Ship Surgeon

Matthews, William - Innkeeper

Maughan, John Thomas - Settler

Mayo, John - Innkeeper

Maziere, David - Settler

McCarthy, William - Bushranger

McCartney, Michael - Medical Practitioner

McClymont, James - Publican and Settler

McDonald, Thomas Wallis - Convict Ship Surgeon

McDonald, William - Convict Ship Surgeon

McDonald, William James - Innkeeper

McDougall, Thomas - Settler

McDowell, William - Convict Ship Surgeon

McGarvie, Rev. John - Settler

McGillivray, James - Settler

McGreavy, James - Innkeeper

McGuinness, Edward - Bushranger

McGuinness, Rose - Innkeeper

McIntyre, Donald - Settler

McIntyre, John - Settler

McIntyre, John - Bushranger

McIntyre, Peter - Settler

McKechnie, Alexander - Convict Ship Surgeon

McKerrow, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

McKinley, Ellar McKellar - Medical Practitioner

McLaren, Allan - Convict Ship Surgeon

McLean, Hector - Innkeeper

McLeod, Alexander - Settler

McMillan, Hugh - Innkeeper

McNamara, Ann - Innkeeper

McNamara, Francis (Frank the Poet) - Bushranger

McNamara, Daniel - Convict Ship Surgeon

McPhelemy, William - Innkeeper

McTernan, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

McTernan, Patrick - Convict Ship Surgeon

McWilliam, James Ormiston - Convict Ship Surgeon


- Convict Ship Surgeons
- Hunter Valley Medical Practitioners
- Surgeons and Medicos sent as Convicts
- Surgery and use of Ether at Port Stephens 1840s

Meikle, James - Early Australian Experiences

Mein, James - Settler

Melville Island

Melville Island Settlement at the mouth of Van Diemen s Gulf founded by Captain Bremer in HMS Tamar in November 1824. Stockade at Fort Dundas. Abandoned in March 1829. See Lieutenant William Hicks

Memoirs and Personal Accounts

- Ellen Bundocks Memoirs
- Recollections of Rev. Richard George Boodle
- George Wyndhams Diary
- Journal of Rev. Christopher Eipper, Missionary at Moreton Bay
- Journal of a Voyage to Newcastle and Hunter River October 1844 by David Burn
- Probable Usefulness - An account of the Connor Family from Ireland to Australia by Sister Rita King
- Griffith, Rev. Edward - Two Chapters from Memorials of Rev. Edward Griffith written by his daugher Mary
- Extracts from Robert Dawsons Present State of Australia
- Ship board diary kept on the voyage of convict ship John in 1829 by William Grant Broughton

Menzies, Lieutenant Charles - Royal Marine. Commandant at Newcastle 1804

Mercer, James Alexander - Convict Ship Surgeon

Meyn, William - Innkeeper

Middleton, Rev. George Augustus - Settler

Mileham, James - Surgeon


- New South Wales Corps or 102nd regiment first arrived on the Neptune, Scarborough and Surprise in 1790. The remainder arrived with Francis Grose on the Pitt. NSW Corps returned to England on the Hindostan in 1810.

- Military Barracks Premises at Newcastle
- Military Officers who served at Newcastle, Maitland and Hunter Valley
- James Henry Crummer
- Ensign Draffen 1805
- Lieutenant Rinaldo Scheberras
- Captain James Wallis
- Lieutenant Thomas Owen
- A Last Farewell - ANZAC Day at Newcastle in 1916

Millar, Andrew - Convict Ship Surgeon

Miller, George - Innkeeper

Mills, George Galway - Settler

Milner, Robert H. - Medical Practitioner

Minerva Fever Ship - Log Book 1838

Officiates of Religion and Churches

- Griffith, Rev. Edward
- Middleton, Rev. George Augustus - Settler
- Archdeacon William Broughton
- St. John's Church Stroud
- Recollections of Rev. Richard George Boodle


- Rev. Threlkeld of London Missionary Society at Lake Macquarie 1825
- German Missionaries in 1838
- Rev. Eipper at Moreton Bay
- Rev. William Ridley - Missionary to Kamilaroi tribes on the Namoi in 1853
- Rev. - Backhouse, James and Walker, George Washington - Missionaries from Society of Friends. Arrived Sydney in the Henry Freeling December 1834;
- Norfolk Island 1835;
- Moreton Bay 1836;
- Newcastle and Maitland 1836

Mitchell, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Mitchell, James - Settler, Industrialist

Mitchell, Sir Thomas Livingstone - Expedition in November 1831

Moffatt, Captin Robert Gerald - 17th regiment

Molony, Frederick - Innkeeper

Monaghan, Ellen - Innkeeper

Monaghan, Patrick - Innkeeper

Montgomery, Andrew - Convict Ship Surgeon

Montgomery, Patrick - Medical Practitioner

Moodie, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Moran, Francis - Settler and Medical Practitioner

Moreton Bay

- Moreton Bay early history
- Captain Cook entered Moreton Bay 17 May 1770.
- Captain Matthew Flinders entered the bay in 1800.
- Surveyor John Oxley anchored in the Bay in November 1823.
- Captain Patrick Logan - Journal
- Edmund Lockyer's Expedition to Brisbane River 1825
- Eipper, Rev. Christopher - Missionary at Moreton Bay

Morgan, Cosby William - Honorary Medical Officer Newcastle Hospital

Morgan, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Morgan, Molly - Maitland s best known convict

Morice, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Morris, Harvey - Convict Ship Surgeon

Morris, Sarah - from mother to convict to publican- By descendant Janelle Collins. Sarah Morris arrived on the Princess Charlotte in 1827

Morisset, Major James Thomas - 48th regt.,

Morpeth Links and Residents

Mortimer, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Mosman, Archibald - Settler

Mosman, George - Settler

Mould, John Arnold - Convict Ship Surgeon

Mounted Police

Mountgarrett, Jacob - Convict Ship Surgeon

Moxey, George Todd - Convict Ship Surgeon

Mudie, James - Settler

Muir, Elizabeth - Innkeeper

Muir, George - Chief Constable and Settler

Muir, James Richard - Innkeeper

Mullins, George Bridge - Medico

Mullins Daniel - Medical Practitioner

Munro, Alexander - Innkeeper

Murray, J. Royal Navy - Expedition to the Hunter River in 1801

Murray, Robert - Innkeeper

Murrurndi History Links

Murtagh, Edward - Bushranger

Muswellbrook History Links

Muswellbrook Buildings

Mutiny on the Britannia 1797

Mutlow, William - Maitland Apothecary

Myles, Lawrence - Settler


Namoi River - Discovered by
Sir Thomas Mitchell in 1831

Alexander Neill - Convict Ship Surgeon

Nettleton, George Henry - Innkeeper


Native name Mulubinba.

- Newcastle Links
- Heritage Locations and Interesting sites in the Newcastle Region
- Expedition to the Hunter River in 1801
- Colliers Point
- Second settlement in 1804
- Charles Throsby's harrowing return to Newcastle penal settlement on the Francis in March 1805
- Government Rules at Newcastle 1807
- Hayes, Sir Henry Browne - Sent to Newcastle Penal Settlement in 1808
- Lieutenant John Purcell and the Coal River settlement 1810
- Governor Macquaries Tour of Newcastle 1812
- Newcastle Port Regulations 1815
- Governor Macquaries Tour of Newcastle 1818
- Buildings at Newcastle in 1822
- Reminiscences of Watt Street Newcastle
- Signal Flags at Newcastle 1858
- Newcastle Residents in 1828
- Newcastle Publicans 1828
- Newcastle in 1829
- Reminiscences of Newcastle in 1840s - George Priest
- Newcastle Gaol
- Newcastle Female Factory
- Military Barracks Premises at Newcastle
- Harbour Lights
- City Baths
- Newcastle Life Boats
- Newcastle Ocean Baths - 1915
- Sea Grave Yard
- Stockton History and Links
- Port of Newcastle 1856
- Newcastle of the Past
- Watt Street Newcastle
- Newcastle in 1870

Newman, William - Innkeeper

Newton, Jacob - Settler

Nisbet, Alexander - Convict Ship Surgeon

Nichol, Appin G. - Medical Practitioner

Nicholas, John - Innkeeper

Nicholson, William - Innkeeper

Nind, Isaac Scott - Medical Practitioner

Nolloth, Edward - Convict Ship Surgeon

Noott, Isaac - Convict Ship Surgeon

Norah Head History

Reminiscences of Norah Head

Norfolk Island

- Norfolk Island
- Lieut. Phillip Gidley King's Description of Norfolk Island in 1788

Norton, Wyckes - Innkeeper

Nowlan, Timothy - Settler

Nunn, Major James Winniett - 80th regt., Mounted Police

Nutt, Charles Kevern - Convict Ship Surgeon


O'Brien, Phillip - Innkeeper

O'Connell, Patrick - Innkeeper

Ogilvie, William - Settler

Old Court-house at Newcastle 1841 - 1900

Oliver, Benjamin Joseph - Reminiscences of Newcastle 1870s - 1880s

Onus, Joseph - Settler

Osborne, Alick - Convict Ship Surgeon

Osborne, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Osborne, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Owen, Henry Dixon - Land grantee

Owen, Herbert - Bushranger

Owen, Lieutenant Thomas - 3rd regt., Engineer at Newcastle in 1824


Pacey, William - Innkeeper

Page, William - Innkeeper

Palmer, George Thomas - Settler

Palmer, John - Settler

Pamphlett, Thomas - One of four convicts in 1823 who were driven out to sea in a storm and as far north as Moreton Bay where they lived with the natives for several months

Park, Alexander - Settler and Medical Practitioner

Park, Robert- Medical Practitioner

Parmenter, Thomas - Convict, medical practitioner, author

Parnell, Montague - Medical Practitioner

Parramatta Female Factory

Parry, Sir William Edward - Celebrated polar navigator arrived in Sydney in 1829. Appointed commissioner of the
Australian Agricultural Company.

Pastors and Priests in the Hunter Valley and beyond

Paterson, Lieut-Colonel William - Succeeded Lieutenant-Governor Foveaux


- Reminiscences of Paterson - 1840s
- Paterson Inns
- Law and Order at Paterson
- Paterson Settlers
- Aboriginal Customs - Paterson district

Patterson, James - Innkeeper

Pattison, Captain Robert Lorn - Steamer Captain

Patton, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Pawsey, James - Innkeeper

Pawson, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Pegg, David - Bushranger

Pennington, Joseph - Settler

Peppercorn, William - Settler

Perry, John - Bushranger

Petrie, William - Convict Ship Surgeon

Pettit, John - Innkeeper

Pewter, Mark - Innkeeper

Pheeny, James - Bushranger

Phillip, Governor Arthur - First Governor of the colony

Phillips, James - Settler

Picknell, Charles - On board diary on the voyage of the convict ship Kains in 1831

Pierce, Henry - Innkeeper

Pierce, Mary - Innkeeper

Pike, Captain John - 73rd regt., Settler

Pilots and Harbour Masters

- William Eckford
- Alexander Livingstone
- Charles Hughes
- Arnold Fisk
- George Jackson
- William Cromarty
- Beacher, Richard

Pinchgut - native name Mattewae. An island in the harbour of Port Jackson. Names Rock Island by Governor Phillip but called Pinchgut by convicts who had been sent there as punishment

Pineo, Obadiah - Convict Ship Surgeon


- Escape from Rose Hill 1790
- Escape of William and Mary Bryant 1791
- Pirates Seize the Norfolk in November 1800.
- Convict Pirates at Newcastle 1804 - fate of convicts pirates at the hand of natives
- Pirates at Newcastle in 1806
- Seizure of the Harrington 1808
- Pirates Seize the Speedwell in 1814
- Patrick Riley - Nautilus 1816
- Convict Pirates 1818
- Pirates Seize the cutter Eclipse at Newcastle in 1825
- Attempt to Seize the Gurnett at Newcastle in 1826
- Seizure of the Wellington 1827
- Escape from Nobbys in 1842
- Seizure of the Brothers 1844


- Eraring
- Lake Macquarie
- Maitland
- Morpeth
- Murrurundi
- Muswellbrook
- Newcastle
- Norah Head
- Norfolk Island
- Port Stephens
- Raymond Terrace
- Stockton
- Tamworth
- Hunter Valley Place Names - Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Hunter Valley

Platt, Jane and Lieutenant Scheberras

Platt, Lieutenant John Laurio - Settler

Plunkett, John Hubert - Solicitor-General. Arrived on the Southworth in 1832


- The First Night Watch
- Law and Order

Political Prisoners

Poole, John - Bushranger; Execution of

Porteus, William - Convict Ship Surgeon

Port of Newcastle 1856

Port Macquarie

Surveyed by John Oxley in June 1819
- Francis Allman
- Abraham Fenton
- Captain Henry Gillman
- Archibald Clunies Innes
- Francis Moran
- John Bingle
- James Henry Crummer
- Benjamin Sullivan
- Samuel Wright
- Commandants at Port Macquarie

Port Stephens

- Australian Agricultural Company
- Charles Grimes, Deputy Surveyor General exmained Port Stephens in 1795
- Early Days at Port Stephens
- Surgery at Port Stephens
- James Douglas - Surgeon
- Colin Buchanan - Surgeon
- Robert Dawson
- St. John s Church Stroud
- George Elde Darby - Surveyor
- Henry Dumaresq - A.A. Company Commissioner
- Sir W.E. Parry - A.A. Company Commissioner

Poulton, George - Innkeeper

Prentice, Thomas - Innkeeper

Preston, Walter - Convict Engraver

Price, Aaron - Bushranger

Price, John Washington - Convict Ship Surgeon

Price, Morgan - Convict Ship Surgeon

Price, William - Convict Ship Surgeon

Priest, George - Reminiscences of Newcastle in 1840s

Pringle, Robert - Settler

Prisons and Gaols

- Cockatoo Island
- Norfolk Island
- Maitland Gaol
- Newcastle Gaol
- Prison Hulk Report 1838

Pritchett, Richard Charles - Land grantee

Probable Usefulness - An account of the Connor Family from Ireland to Australia by Sister Rita King

Prosser, Thomas - Convict Ship Surgeon

Publicans at Newcastle 1828

Purcell, Lieutenant John - 73rd regt., Coal River Settlement in 1810

Pyzer, Joseph - Bushranger


Quigley, John - Bushranger

Queade, Charles - Convict Ship Surgeon


Radford, Henry Wyatt - Surgeon and Settler

Rae, Henry - Settler

Rae, William

Raisbeck, Thomas - Innkeeper

Ramsey, William - Innkeeper

Ranclaud, James St. John - Settler at Lake Macquarie

Rankine, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Rapsey, Samuel Henry - Innkeeper

Rawson, Robert - Bushranger

Raymond Terrace Links

Recollections of Rev. Richard George Boodle

Reddish, John - Bushranger

Redfern, William - Surgeon

Reeves, Henry - Innkeeper

Reid, David - Convict Ship Surgeon

Reid, James - 56th regt., Settler

Reid, Thomas - Convict Ship Surgeon

Reilly, James - Bushranger


- Rev. George Boodle
- Rev. Christopher Eipper
- Rev. McGarvie
- Rev. Lancelot Threlkeld
- Rev. Charles Pleydell Neale Wilton
- St. Johns Church at Stroud
- St. Mary's Church - Maitland
- Hunter-street Church, Newcastle
- Notes of a Trip to Hunter River by Rev. John Dunmore Lang in 1862

Reminiscences of Aboriginal tribes near Paterson

Reminiscences of Paterson - 1840s

Reminiscences of Maitland

Reminiscences of Watt Street Newcastle

Reminiscences of Albert Hudson and Robert Fleming of Newcastle in 1850s

Reminiscences of Owen Ahern - Newcastle 1860s

Reminiscences of Colin Christie

Reminiscences of Hugh Gilmour - Newcastle

Reminiscences of Benjamin Joseph Oliver - Newcastle 1870s and 1880s

Reminiscences of Norah Head

Report of the Commissioner of the Inquiry on the State of the Colony of New South Wales

Retraction of Free Pardons 1810

Richards, James - Innkeeper

Richardson, Edward - Innkeeper

Richardson, John - Bushranger

Rideout, John - Bushranger

Riley, Patrick - Innkeeper

Ring, Thomas - Convict Ship Surgeon

Ringwood, Samuel - Bushranger


- Uprising of convicts at Castle Hill 1804
- Riot at Parramatta female factory in 1831

Risby, Joseph - Innkeeper

Roach, John - Bushranger

Roach, John - Bushranger

Roberts, George - Convict Ship Surgeon

Robertson, Lieut. Archibald - Mounted Police

Robertson, James - Settler

Robertson, Thomas - Convict Ship Surgeon

Robins, Charles - Innkeeper

Rob the Ranter - Observer and commentator

Rodd, Robert Adamson - Settler

Rodmell, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Rogers, William - Convict Ship Surgeon

Rookin, Joseph - Settler

Ross, John - Bushranger

Rosseter, Thomas Boyd - Innkeeper

Rotton, Walter - Innkeeper

Rouse, William - Innkeeper

Rowe, George - Convict Ship Surgeon

Rowell, John - Innkeeper

Rowley, William - Bushranger

Roylance, Thomas - Convict Ship Surgeon

Russell, Bourn junior- Innkeeper

Russell, Henry Stuart - Journey through Maitland and the Hunter Valley

Russell, Major William - 20th regt.,

Rutherford, George Shaw - Surgeon and Settler

Rutherford, James - Surgeon

Ryan, Henry - Convict Ship Surgeon

Ryan, James - Bushranger


Salt manufactured at Newcastle

Sandhills at Newcastle

Saunders, William Mackenzie - Convict Ship Surgeon

Savage, Arthur - Convict Ship Surgeon

Savage, Joseph - Bushranger

Scheberras, Lieutenant Rinaldo - 80th regt., Assistant Engineer at Maitland and
Towrang Stockade

Scott, Alexander Walker - Settler

Scott, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Scott, John - Medical Practitioner

Scott, Walter - Settler

Scourgers - New South Wales

Scovell, Lieut Edward Whitmore - 96th regt., Mounted Police

Sea Bathing at Newcastle

Sea Grave Yard - Newcastle

Seal of the Colony - Arrived on the
Gorgon in 1791

Second Fleet

- Surprise 1790
- Neptune 1790
- Scarborough 1790

Second Settlement at Newcastle 1804

Seizure of the Norfolk 1800

Sempill, Hamilton C. - Settler


- Land Settlement 1792
- Hunter Valley Settlers Index
- Settler and Immigrant Ships 1821 - 1842

Shand, Alexander - Settler

Shea, John - Bushranger


- In 1829
- Sea Grave Yard

Shortt, Francis - Settler

Siddons, Richard - Lighthouse keeper, land owner

Signal Flags at Newcastle 1827

Signal Staff at Newcastle 1858

Simpson, Lieut. Percy - Surveyor and Engineer

Simpson, William - Innkeeper

Sinclair, Andrew - Convict Ship Surgeon

Sinclair, Duncan and Peter - Settlers

Singleton, Benjamin - Explorer and Settler

Singleton, John - Innkeeper

Singleton, Joseph - Innkeeper

Skeoch, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Skinner, Alexander - Medical Practitioner

Skottowe, Lieutenant Thomas Britiffe - 73rd regt., Commandant at Newcastle 1814. Departed on
H.M. Brig Kangaroo

Slack, William - Innkeeper

Sloane, David - Medical Practitioner

Smeathman, Major - Coroner, land owner

Smith, Andrew - Convict Ship Surgeon

Smith, Charles Ferdinand Hamilton - 28th regt.,

Smith, Henry - Innkeeper

Smith, James - Innkeeper

Smith, John - Bushranger

Smith, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Smith - Gentleman John - Convict, Innkeeper, Land Owner

Smith John Galt - Settler

Smith, William - Boatbuilder at Newcastle

Smith, William - Bushranger

Sneyll, Richard - Bushranger

Snodgrass, Lieut-Col. Kenneth - 52nd regt.,

Somerville, Thomas - Convict Ship Surgeon

Songs and Poems

- A New Song published in 1786
- Bold Jack Donohoe
- The Cabbage Tree Hat
- Moreton Bay
- Frank the Poet

Spark - Alexander Brodie - Settler

Sparke, Edward - Settler

Sparke, William - Settler

Spencer, Thomas - Bushranger

Sproule, Oliver - Convict Ship Surgeon

Squires, John Bell - Innkeeper

Stace, James - Innkeeper

Stacy, John Edward - Medical Practitioner

Standfield, John - Tolpuddle Martyr


- Hunter Valley Steamers
- Robert Lorn Pattison - Steamboat Captain
- Wreck of the King William Steamer in 1839
- A Voyage to Newcastle on the Sophie Jane in 1831

St. Johns Church - Stroud - Built by convicts in 1833

St. Mary's Church - Maitland

Steele, Lieut. Charles - 17th regiment

Steele, Thomas - Settler

Stephenson, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Steret, Joseph - Convict Ship Surgeon

Stewart, Alexander - Convict Ship Surgeon

Stewart, John - Medical Practitioner

Stewart, John Grant - Convict Ship Surgeon

Stewart, Major Shaw - Land grantee

Stirling, Lieut. Robert - Buffs


Stolworthy, David - Medical Practitioner

Stone, George - Innkeeper

Stone, John - Innkeeper

Street, Charles Drew - Medical Practitioner

Street, Francis Gale Snelling - Medical Practitioner

Sullivan, Major Benjamin - Settler

Sullivan, John - Bushranger

Sullivan, William - Bushranger

Surgery and use of Ether at Port Stephens - 1840s


- Dangar, Henry 1820s
- Dixon, Robert 1830s
- Darby, George
- Grimes, Charles
- Harper, William
- Hoddle, Robert
- Mitchell, Sir Thomas Livingstone

Sutcliffe, Francis - Bushranger

Suther, Peter - Convict Ship Surgeon

Swales, Joseph - Innkeeper


Tainsh, Robert - Convict Ship Surgeon

Talbot, Mary - Arrived on the Mary Anne in 1791

Tamworth History Links

Tarn, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Taylor, Alexander - Convict Ship Surgeon

Taylor, Archibald - Bushranger

Taylor, John - Innkeeper

Telfer, Alexander - Bushranger

Teys, David - Innkeeper

The Blind Traveller - Lieutenant James Holman

The Third Fleet 1791

Thew, Joseph - Settler

Thomas, Thomas - Innkeeper

Thomson, David - Surgeon and Settler

Thompson, George - Convict Ship Surgeon

Thompson, James - Convict Ship Surgeon

Thompson, John - Bushranger

Thompson, Samuel - Innkeeper

Thompson, Thomas - Bushranger

Thompson, Lieutenant Thomas - 46th regt., Commandant at Newcastle 1814 - 1816

Thorne, Thomas - Innkeeper

Thornton, Sylvestser - Innkeeper

Threlkeld, Rev. Lancelot - Missionary at Lake Macquarie

Charles Throsby

- Throsby, Charles - Commandant Newcastle Penal Settlement. Surgeon
- Charles Throsby's Dramatic Return to Newcastle Settlement in 1805

Tighe, Patrick - Medical Practitioner

Tighe, Robert - Innkeeper

Timber Getters at the Hunter River

Tinson, William - Innkeeper

Toole, John - Bushranger

Toole, Stephen - Bushranger

Torrance, Hugh - Land grantee

Toms, Phillip - Convict Ship Surgeon

Towrang Stockade

Townsend, George - Settler


A Ride in an Omnibus - Newcastle 1880s
Hunter Valley Steamers
Rob the Ranter

Tucke, John Warne - Innkeeper

Traill, Rowland John - Medical Practitioner


- Friedrick Gerstacker
- The Blind Traveller
- United States Exploring Expedition

Trotman, William Henry - Convict Ship Surgeon

Tucker, John - Settler

Turner, Samuel - Convict Ship Surgeon

Tweedale, John - Convict Ship Surgeon


Underwood, Joseph - Settler

United States Exploring Expedition to Lake Macquarie in 1839


Vallack, Adoniah - Medical Practitioner

Vane, John - Bushranger

Vaux, James Hardy - At Newcastle in 1811. Author of Australia s first dictionary

Verge, John - Architect and Settler

Vickery, Caryer - Convict Ship Surgeon

Villiers, Ensign - NSW Corps. Commandant at Newcastle 1808

Vocabulary of the Flash Language

Voyage of the Buffalo - Sydney to England in 1800

Voyage to Newcastle in 1826


Waddy, Lieut. Richard - 50th regt. Mounted Police

Wall, Edward - Innkeeper

Wall, William Price - Innkeeper

Wallis, Captain James - Commandant at Newcastle 1816

Walker, Elphinstone - Convict Ship Surgeon

Walker, Hugh - Convict Ship Surgeon

Walker, Joseph - Bushranger

Walker, Thomas - Bushranger

Walmsley - Joseph - Innkeeper

Ward, Patrick - Innkeeper

Ward, Richard - Innkeeper

Ward, Susannah Matilda - Settler

Warner, Jonathan - NSW Veteran Corps. Settler

Watson, David - Convict Ship Surgeon

Watson, James - Innkeeper

Watt, William Conborough - Convict Ship Surgeon

Watt Street Newcastle

Watts, David - Innkeeper

Watts, William - Innkeeper

Weatherhead, George Hume - Convict Ship Surgeon

Webber, James Phillips - Settler

Welch, Robert Porter - Medical Practitioner

Weller, Joseph - Settler

Weller, George - Settler

Wellington Valley

A settlement under Lieut Percy Simpson as commandant at Wellington Valley was founded in February 1823. Known as Valley of the Swells

Welman, Captain Harvey - 57th regt.,

Wentworth, William Charles - Settler

Wenz, Julia - Innkeeper

West, John Boucher - Medical Practitioner

West, Major - Convict Ship Surgeon

West, William - Convict Ship Surgeon

Westbury, Charles - Bushranger

Whaling Industry

- The convict ship Britannia in 1791, Captain Thomas Melville was the first ship to fish for whales on the Australian coast
- Success of the Whaling Industry 1791

Wightman, Alexander - Innkeeper

Whitaker, Charles - Innkeeper

White, George Boyle - Surveyor and Settler

White, Henry - Medical Practitioner

White, James - Settler

White, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Whitehead, Robert - Bushranger

Whitfield, Thomas - Medical Practitioner

Whitla, William John - Medical Practitioner

Whitmarsh, John - Convict Ship Surgeon

Wighton, John - Settler

Wilkie, John P - Innkeeper

Wilkinson, Alexander - Innkeeper

Wilkinson, John - Innkeeper

Williams, Frederick - Innkeeper

Williams, George and Vincent George - Settlers

Williams, John Griffith - Convict Ship Surgeon

Williamson, Stephen - Convict Ship Surgeon

Williamson, William - Medical Practitioner

Wilson, Andrew Douglas - Convict Ship Surgeon

Wilson, Buchanan - Bushranger

Wilson, Caleb and Felix - Settlers

Wilson, George - Bushranger

Wilson, George - Bushranger

Wilson, James - Bushranger

Wilson, Thomas Braidwood - Convict Ship Surgeon

Wilton, Rev. Charles Pleydell Neale - Newcastle, Timeline and Notes

Wilton, William

Winder, Thomas White Melville - Settler

Windeyer, Charles - Settler

Windeyer, Richard - Settler

Winter, William - Innkeeper

Wisdom, John - Innkeeper

Witton, William - Innkeeper

Wolfe, James - Innkeeper

Woods, Charles - Bushranger

Worgan, George Bouchier - Convict Ship Surgeon


- Wreck of the King William Steamer 1839
- Sea Grave Yard
- Convict Ship Neva
- Captain Nolbrow and the wreck of the Mermaid
- David Wyse and wreck of George III

Wrensford, Henry - Schoolmaster

Wright, Edmond - Innkeeper

Wright, Phillip - Innkeeper

Wright, Samuel - 3rd regt., Settler

Wylie, Robert - Convict Ship Surgeon

Wyndham, George - Settler

George Wyndham's Diary - Transcription of first two years

Wyse, David - Convict Ship Surgeon


Yeomans, George - Innkeeper

Yeomans, Richard - Innkeeper

Yeomans, Rolland - Innkeeper

York, Henry - Innkeeper

York Convict Ship - Journal kept on the voyage from England to Fremantle in 1862

Young, James - Innkeeper

Young, James - Bushranger

Young, Richard - Bushranger


Zouch, Captain Henry - 4th regt., Mounted Police