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James Robertson

Plashett - Map 6

James Robertson was born in 1781 in Renfrewshire, Scotland.

Arrival in Australia

He arrived in Australia with his wife Anna Maria nee Ripley and children on the Providence in 1822.

Hunter Valley settler John Laurio Platt and his family also arrived as free settlers on the Providence.

Superintendent of Government Clocks

James Robertson was a watchmaker and on arrival was employed as Superintendent of Government Clocks in Sydney.

Land Grants

He received a land grant on the north shore of Sydney Harbour, known today as Robertson's Point, (Cremorne). He was granted 1000 acres by Governor Brisbane in 1824 and another 1000 acres was reserved for purchase. He took up this land at Jerry's Plains.

Alexander Anderson J. Bettington George Blaxland Charles Cameron Peter Cunningham Cyrus Doyle John Hoskins John McGarvie William Ogilvie William Ogilvie Thomas Arndell James Arndell James Robertson Early Hunter Valley Settler Map 6

Plashett and Strowan

The land to the north of the Hunter River came to be known as 'Plashett and the land on the south as 'Strowan'. Plashett may have been first been known as Whitfield, however was re-named Plashett after the property of his wife's father, Plashett Park in Essex, England. Strowan was part of a primary grant to John Hoskins


The children of James Robertson and Anna Maria Ripley included:

1. James Brand Ritchie Robertson born 1810

2. Catherine Maria Robertson b. 1812.

3. Brisbane Robertson born 1814 married Caroline, the eldest daughter of Sampson Marshall in November 1844 at Plashett. Died at Louisa Creek in August 1853

4. John Robertson born 1816 and married Margaret Davies. John managed Plashett in the 1840s. He later became an eminent politician in New South Wales being elected Premier several times.

5. Lavalette Robertson was born in 1818 and married Dr. Henry Graham

6. Sarah Janet Robertson married Brent Clement Rodd on 18 May 1839 at Plashett

7. Agnes Barr Robertson was born in 1823 and died in 1909

8. Glen Ripley Robertson was born in 1825.

Employees and assigned convicts

Name Ship
Andrews, William Manlius 1827.
Baxter, Charles Parmelia 1832
Bloomfield, Alexander Manlius 1827
Connolly, Richard City of Edinburgh 1832
Elliott, Elija Andromeda 1833
George, Thomas Andromeda 1833
Groves, Joseph Planter 1832
Hawkins, Henry York 1831
Hayward, Thomas Planter 1832
How, Simon Isabella 1832
Jones, John Surry
Jones, Thomas Royal Admiral 1833
Jones, William Georgiana 1831
Kelly, James Prince Regent 1824
Keys, John Captain Cook 1832
Lahiff, Eliza Forth 1830 (II)
McAlister, Andrew Regalia 1826
McBride, Phillip Regalia 1826
Murray, Edward Came free. Employed as Overseer
Park, Robert Planter 1832
Pearson, George John 1827
Pickering, James Clyde 1832
Povey, John Came free per Dick. Employed as labourer
Pritchard, John Marquis of Hastings 1826
Smith, William Katherine Stewart Forbes 1830
Watkins, Francis Marquis of Huntley 1835


James Robertson died at Aberglasslyn in 1868 aged 87