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Discovery of Lake Macquarie by Europeans 1800
Rev. Lancelot Threlkeld Newcastle and Lake Macquarie 1825
Ebenezer Coal Mine here Rev. Lancelot Threlkeld first discovered coal on the Ebenezer estate while building a chimney. After the closure of his mission Bahtahbah, he worked to establish a coal mine at Ebenezer.
Memoirs of the Life of Rev. John Williams Rev. Lancelot Threlkeld was a close friend of Rev. John Williams who was killed by cannibals at Erromango in November 1839.  Read more about Rev. Threlkeld in the 'Memoirs of the Life of Rev. John Williams' by Ebenezer Prout
Obituary of Mrs. Threlkeld 1825
Obituary of Rev. Lancelot Threlkeld Sydney Morning Herald 13 October 1859
An Australian Language as spoken by the Awabakal, the people of Awaba, Lake Macquarie, being an account of their language, traditions and customs Lancelot Threlkeld
John Bingle's excursion to Lake Macquarie 1822
United States Exploring Expedition The United States Exploring Expedition arrived in Port Jackson in November 1839. Two men from the expedition travelled by steamer to Newcastle and then made a fatiguing overland journey to Lake Macquarie.
Rev. Threlkeld's report on the Aborigines 1836 Correspondence to William Broughton, Lord Bishop of Australia in The Calcutta Christian Observer including an interview with the man charged with the murder of Richard Cunningham (brother of Allan Cunningham)
Edward Gostwyck Cory Selected land at Wangi in 1829
Biraban and John Mander Gill  
Eraring Early Days
Early Residents near Lake Macquarie
William Brooks  
Lieutenant Jonathan Warner  
John H. Boughton  
James St. John Ranclaud  
Rev. Threlkeld  
Walter Rotton  
Percy Simpson  
Richard Cape  
George Chivers  
James Arndell  
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Coal Mines in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie 1862 Sydney Morning Herald 22 August 1862
A Trip Round the Lake 1870 Maitland Mercury June 1870
On an Australian Lake 1897 Sydney Morning Herald 6 November 1897
Suburbs History Lake Macquarie Council
Lake Macquarie Family History Group  

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Land Grants at Lake Macquarie c. 1838