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Below is a list of men of the cloth who ministered to early inhabitants in the Gosford, Port Stephens, Newcastle and Hunter Valley in the early days of the Colony.  Click on any of the links to find out more. This list is not complete.

Name Notes
Adair, Rev. John Arrived per William Young in 1829. Resided at Paterson in the 1830s
Addams, Rev. Frederick William Church of England. Incumbent at St. Paul's Church, Paterson for over 30 years. Died on 18th October 1899 aged 78
Aitken, Rev. Thomas Arrived from Scotland on the Northumberland in 1837. Operated an Academy in East Maitland in the 1840s. Died at Campbelltown 2 December 1877 age 84
Allworth, Rev. William Newcastle 1864
Amos, Rev. Charles Edward Paterson 1880s
Anderson, Rev. George Presbyterian. Arrived from Scotland on the barque Portland in 1837. Stationed in Murrurundi in the 1830s and 40s. Died in 1845
Austin, Rev. John S Wesleyan. Maitland 1881
Bain, Rev. William In 1861 appointed to St. Philip's Church Newcastle, where he remained until failing health forced him to retire 37 years later
Baird, Rev. D Stroud 1887
Barrow, Rev. A Branxton. 1870s
Bavin, Rev. Rainsford First Superintendent of the Central Methodist Mission Newcastle
Beale, Rev. William Henry Carcoar, Maitland, Tenterfield, Inverell, Parkes, Sydney and Newcastle
Beamish, Rev. Peter Teulon Church of England. Arrived on the John Fleming in 1847 and appointed to Singleton. After disputes with Bishop Broughton moved to Melbourne in 1850
Beazley, Rev. Joseph West Maitland 1850s. Congregational Missionary Society
Benvie, Rev. James West Maitland 1870s
Black, Rev. Alexander Presbyterian. Arrived in 1850 and appointed to Murrurundi and Scone. Visited by Rev. Dr. Lang in 1851. Retired from the ministry in 1860
Blackwood, Rev. James Successor to Rev. Irwin at Singleton in 1850. After 24 years ministry there he left for Ireland where he died 6 years later
Blain, Rev. Robert Presbyterian Minister at Maitland in 1838. At Hinton, Seaham, Hexham and Clarencetown 1840s and 1850s. Married Sara Jane Keys in September 1845
Blomfield, Rev. John Roe Born in 1824, the son of settler T.V. Blomfield. Married Mary Rachel Wood at West Maitland 1851.
Boag, Rev. Dr. Robert Presbyterian. Hinton and Paterson 1870s
Bode, Rev. Francis Dashwood Church of England. Dungog Muswellbrook 1850s and 1860s
Bode, Rev. George Charles Newcastle 1860s
Bodenham, Rev. Thomas Church of England. Incumbent at Pitt Town in 1846. Chaplain to immigrants. Died in 1851
Bolton, Rev. Robert Thorley Church of England. Resigned from Whittingham in August 1840. Appointed to Hexham and Alnwick in October 1840, and to Wollombi 1846 - 1850
Bonthorne, Rev. James Maitland 1870s. Died in July 1881 at East Maitland
Boodle, Rev. Richard George Church of England. Appointed Chaplain to the Bishop of Newcastle 1847. Appointed to Muswellbrook 1848. Married Anne Darling Rees in 1853
Bourne, Rev. W. E. Wesleyan. Maitland and Manning River 1860s and 70s
Boyce, Rev. W. B Superintendent Wesleyan Mission N.S.W. Gave sermons at Maitland in the 1840's
Brennan, Rev Preached a sermon in West Maitland 1839.
Brooks, Rev. Maitland. 1840
Broughton, William Grant First Anglican Bishop in Australia
Buzzacott, Rev. A Brown St. Congregational Church, Newcastle 1850s
Byrne, Rev. J. P West Maitland 1870s
Byrnes, Rev. W Wesleyan Minister stationed at Maitland in the 1850s
Caldwell, Rev. Asbury Brown St. Congregational Church, Newcastle 1905-1907
Cameron, Rev. Archibald New England
Cameron, Rev. Francis Church of England. Appointed Deacon in 1842. Stationed at Singleton until 1847. Resigned in 1847 due to ill health
Carmichael, Rev. Henry Arrived on the Stirling Castle 1831. Founded the Normal Institution in Sydney in 1834. Established at Porphyry Point, Seaham in the1840s
Carruthers, Rev. J. E. Wesleyan. Newcastle 1871
Carter, Rev. James T Manning River 1850s
Chapman, Rev. Benjamin Wesleyan. West Maitland 1860s
Chapman, Rev. Robert Church of England. Appointed to West Maitland in September 1847 where he remained until 1878
Chaucer, Rev. William Presbyterian minister stationed at Newcastle in the 1850's
Child, Rev. Coles Church of England. Stationed at Clarence River until 1853 & Scone 1850s & 1860s. Moved to Morpeth 1870
Clarke, Rev. William Newcastle
Claughton, Rev. Hugh Calveley Born 1818; died 1883. Wollombi and Paterson 1862-1863
Cleaver, Rev. John Williams River 1850s
Clemens, Rev. Francis Newcastle 1884
Cocks, Rev. Granville Oscar Murrurundi 1885
Cocks, Rev. S. Varcoe Central Methodist Mission, Newcastle 1918-1921
Coller, Rev., Baptist Church, Newcastle 1880s
Colquhoun, Rev. Malcolm Gilmore Employed as an itinerant minister, at Brisbane Water, Mangrove Creek & Lower Hawkesbury by 1838
Colwell, Rev. Frederick Newcastle 1907-1911. Methodist
Colyer, Rev. William Knight Maitland 1880s
Comrie, Rev. William Presbyterian Minister stationed at Dungog 1840 - 41
Connolly, Rev. Phillip Roman Catholic. Arrived on the Janus in 1820. Permitted to proceed to Newcastle in 1822
Cooper, Rev. Joseph Church of England. Stationed at Jerrys Plains in the 1840s and 1850s
Corban, Rev Murrrurundi 1860s
Corcoran, Rev. Patrick Roman Catholic. East Maitland 1870s. Chaplain of Maitland Gaol in 1872
Corner, Rev. Kerton Narrabri 1860s; Newcastle and Morpeth 1880s
Corner, Rev. W Paterson and Dungog 1860s
Coutts, Rev. James Newcastle 1860s
Cowper, Rev. William Church of England
Cowper, Rev. William Macquarie Church of England. Australian Agricultural Company Clergyman at Port Stephens 1850's
Craig, Rev. Archibald Presbyterian. St. Stephens Church, East Maitland 1881 - 1883. Died 1883
Craigie, Rev. W. F Minmi 1897
Crawford, Rev. Thomas Simpson Newcastle 1903 - 1910
Creed, Rev. Charles Newcastle 1860s
Crookston, Rev. James Toowoomba, Newcastle
Cross, Rev. John Church of England. Port Macquarie 1850s
Curnow, Rev. W Methodist. Newcastle
Cusse, Rev. Gustoavos Roman Catholic. Newcastle 1860s
Daish, Rev. Joseph Henry Primitive Methodist. Newcastle
Dean, Rev. W. J Newcastle 1860s
Deans, Rev. Absalom Brown Street Congregational Church 1934
Dixon, Rev. John Hexham and Wickham 1870s
Dobson, Rev. Joseph S. Wickham 1876
Dodd, Rev. T. L. Hexham and Dungog 1860s
Donald, Rev. W. S Dungog 1870s
Dore, Rev. William H Church of England. Jerrys Plains 1860s
Dougall, Rev. John Presbyterian. St. Stephens Church, East Maitland 1869 - 1871
Douglass, Rev. A Brisbane Water 1840s. Died 1878
Dove, Rev. William Woodman Singleton 1864. Died 1867
Dowling, Rev. Christopher Vincent Catholic. Stationed at Newcastle in the 1830s and 1840s. Born 1789. Died 1874
Downey, Rev. John Newcastle 1895 - 1902
Dowson, Rev. J. W Hinton 1860s
Doyle, Rev. M Brookfield, Morpeth 1860s
Draper, Rev. D. J Wesleyan Minister stationed at Newcastle in the 1830s & 1840s
Draper, Rev. M  
Duesbury, Rev. Frank Central Methodist Mission. Newcastle 1906
Dunne, Rev. John Thomas Armidale; Singleton; West Maitland 1850s and 60s
Eggleston, Rev. John Maitland 1850s
Eipper, Rev. Christophe Lutheran. Missionary at Brisbane in 1830's. Stationed at Gresford & Paterson in 1850s
English, Rev. Thomas Roman Catholic. Murrurundi 1888. Died at Muswellbrook 1895
Fidler, Rev. W Maitland 1860s
Fillingham, Rev. Joseph Wesleyan Minister stationed at Maitland in the 1850s
Finn, Rev. Patrick Maitland 1870; Scone 1873
Firth, Rev. John Brown Street Congregational Church, Newcastle 1850s
Fletcher, Rev. John Christchurch, Newcastle 1860s
Fontaine, Rev. Constantine Singleton 1870s
Foran, Rev. Michael Catholic. West Maitland 1871
Gainford, Rev. Thomas Newcastle 1860s. Review of the Life and Labours of the Rev. Thomas Gainford
Garven, Rev. John Hill Maitland 1830s
Gaud, Rev. H. W Wesleyan. Newcastle 1874-75
Gibson, Rev. John Newcastle 1850s. Died in 1882
Glennie, Rev. Alfred Gosford; Singleton 1850s; Lochinvar 1860s
Glennie, Rev. Benjamin Ordained Deacon in 1848. Stationed in Brisbane 1848 and Darling Downs 1850
Goddard, Rev. E Morpeth 1886
Gordon, Rev. Adam Singleton 1860s
Gordon, Rev. T. A. Newcastle 1880
Gore, Rev. William Francis Church of England. Married to Elizabeth Carey Baldock in 1844. Stationed in Muswellbrook 1840's. Died in 1885
Gowen, Rev. J. H Presbyterian. Hunter River 1835. Died at Grafton in 1881
Greaves, (Grieves) Rev. John Born 1829; died 1893. Maitland 1860s; Wollombi 1863
Green, Rev. Henry Newcastle 1859
Gregor, Rev. John Presbyterian. Stationed at Maitland 1840s. Drowned at Moreton Bay in 1848
Griffith, Rev. Edward Maitland and Ipswich
Grime, Rev. Sydney Calvert Jackson Newcastle. Died 1917
Grimmett, Rev. H. Watts Brown St. Congregational Church, Newcastle 1916 - 1918
Halley, Rev. J. J Newcastle 1850s
Hand, Rev. Patrick Maitland 1870
Hanley, Rev. James Roman Catholic. Singleton 1860
Hart, Rev. Samuel Morpeth 1870s
Hay, Rev. James Scone 1860s
Hazelwood, Rev. David Maitland 1850s
Healey, Rev. M Gosford. Drowned in 1854
Hetherington, Rev. Irving Presbyterian. Stationed at Singleton in the 1840s. Moved to Melbourne 1847
Hill, Rev. Richard Anglican clergyman, chaplain in the Parish of St James, Sydney. Died in 1836
Hill, Rev. William Methodist. Newcastle 1860s
Hills, Rev. Richard T Church of England. Maitland 1870s
Hopkins, Rev. J West Maitland; Tamworth 1869
Huband-Smith Rev. Dungog 1870s
Humphries, Rev. Samuel Minmi, Newcastle 1860s
Hungerford, Rev. Septimus Morpeth 1850s
Hurst, Rev. George Wesleyan. Maitland 1869
Hynes, Rev. E. E. Central Methodist Mission, Newcastle 1921
Ingram, Rev. John Wallsend 1870
Innes, Rev. Jonathan Wesleyan. Stationed in Maitland 1840-42. Appointed to Windsor 1843
Irwin, Rev. Henry Offley Stationed at Singleton in 1840s. Moved to Brisbane 1850s
Isaacs, Rv. Jacob Jewish. West Maitland 1850s
Jackson, Rev. Robert Succeeded Rev. James Lamont at St. Stephens Church, East Maitland in 1884. He resigned in 1900 to accept a call to New Zealand
James, Rev. George Morpeth 1860s
Johnston, Rev. T Barraba 1860s
Jones, Rev. Mona Baptist Church Newcastle 1905. Brother of Rev. Seth Jones
Jones, Rev. Seth Baptist Church Newcastle 1885 - 1890
Kay, Rev. Battsion Wesleyan minister stationed at Maitland in 1850. Convicted of fraud in 1851and sentenced to 3 years labour on the roads
Kemp, Rev. F. R Stationed at Singleton and Scone in the 1850s. Port Macquarie 1860 - 1877
Kenny, Rev. Bernard Wallsend Primitive Methodist 1875
Kenny, Rev. John Roman Catholic. East Maitland in 1849-1860
Kilgallin, Rev. F. D Roman Catholic. Singleton 1893
Kingdon, Rev. West Maitland
Kingspark, Rev. Thomas McIntyre River 1852
Creegan, Rev. Michael Roman Catholic. Maitland 1873
Laing, Rev. James S Scone 1860s
Lamont, Rev. James St. Stephens East Maitland 1883 - 1894
Lane, Rev. George Wesleyan. Singleton 1869. Newcastle 1870s
Lane, Rev. Philip Baptist Church Newcastle 1864; Maitland 1860s
Lang, Rev. John Dunmore Presbyterian
Laughton, Rev. James Brotherson Paterson 1850s
Lawless, Rev. Father Catholic. Maitland 1869
Leadley, Rev. James William Methodist. Newcastle 1882
Learmouth, Rev. J. A Wesleyan. Newcastle 1849
Leigh, Rev. Samuel Pioneer Methodist Missionary. Preached at Newcastle 1817
Leonard, Rev. Thomas S Singleton 1870s
Levy, Rev. Jacob Jewish. West Maitland 1870s
Lewis, Rev. Evan Newcastle 1860s
Lewis, Rev. Frederick Wesleyan. Maitland 1840s
Lewis, Rev. George Muswellbrook 1860s
Lightbody, Rev. William Wesleyan. Newcastle 1830s
Lodge, Rev. Lorenzo Newcastle1850
Lonergan, Rev. T. A Morpeth 1870s; Chaplain of Maitland gaol until 1872
Luckie, Rev. Eugene Catholic. Newcastle 1860
Luscombe, Rev. Popham Street Born 1857; died 1927. Wollombi 1880s
Lynch, Rev. John T Catholic. Maitland 1840s and 1850s
Mack, Rev. Narrowgut 1880
Mackenzie, Rev. David Presbyterian. Arrived 1834.
Maclaren, Rev. A. A Maitland 1880s
Madgwick, Rev. Edward David Hexham 1860s and 1870s. Died at Bendigo in 1931
Magennis, Rev. Patrick Catholic. Maitland 1840s
Mahoney, Rev. Edmund Catholic. Maitland. Died in 1845
Martin, Rev. George Wesleyan. Morpeth 1869
Martin, Rev. Joseph Newcastle 1850s
Mayne, Rev. William T Newcastle 1860s
McConnell, Rev. John Church of England. Clarence River 1848
McCullock, Rev. James Stewarts Brook 1850s
McCullock, Rev. William Presbyterian. Raymond Terrace 1850s. Died 20 May 1873
McGarvie, Rev. John Presbyterian. Arrived on ship Greenock 1826. Morpeth
McGough, Rev. James Catholic. West Maitland 1871; Singleton 1870s
McGuinness, Rev. P East Maitland 1840s
McInnes, Rev. Duncan Maitland. Died Clarence River 1908
McIntyre, Alexander Maitland 1850s
McIntyre, Rev. William Maitland1840s and 1850s
McKee, Rev Maitland 1848
McKeen, Rev. William Rollands Plains 1851
McKenny, Rev. John Wesleyan. Maitland 1842
McQueen, Rev. Peter Presbyterian. Minmi 1895
McSheriff, Rev. Arthur Clarencetown 1850s
McSkimming, Rev. John L Williams River; Singleton
Meagher, Rev. P Newcastle 1880s
Meares, Matthew Deverlish Church of England. Owned allotment in Maitland1830s
Meiklejohn, Rev. W. D Murrurundi
Mell, Rev. T. E. Owens Morpeth and Maitland 1860s
Metcalfe, Rev. John E Newcastle and Merewether 1917-1918
Middleton, Rev. George Church of England. Newcastle1820s & 1830s
Middleton, Rev. James G Wesleyan. Newcastle 1870
Millard, Rev. J. G Methodist. Newcastle
Mills, Rev. C. M. Denman 1870s
Monaghan, Rev. Joseph Clarencetown 1860s
Moody, Rev. Christopher John Wallsend 1870s
Moore, Rev. George Gresford 1890s
Morrison, Rev. John New England 1850s
Morrison, Rev. Stanley Brown St. Congregational Church, Newcastle 1908 - 1916
Morse, Rev. John Arrived on the Lady Raffles. 1839 Scone
Morton, Rev. Robert Clarencetown 1860s
Moss, Rev. Miles Primitive Methodist. Newcastle 1855
Murray, Rev. James Maitland 1860s
Murray, Rev. Winsleigh Alexander Central Methodist Mission 1910-1916
Nairn, Rev. George Lochhart Maitland 1860s; Newcastle 1870s
Nash, Rev. James J. Murrurundi 1860s
Newman, Rev. W Scone 1860s
Nimmo, Rev. James Newcastle1850s
Niven, Rev. James Murrurundi - Quirindi
Nolan, Rev. James Addams Wesleyan. Paterson, West Maitland 1870s
Norman, Rev. P Minmi
Norton, Rev. James Newcastle 1875
Oakes, Rev. W. Francis Central Methodist Mission, Newcastle 1911
Oakley, Rev. R. C Newcastle. Enlisted as a chaplain in July 1915
O'Carroll, Rev. Joseph Blandford 1860s
Olden, Rev. Charles Maitland. 1880s
O'Leary, Rev. Patrick Singleton and Maitland. Died 1898
Oram, Rev. J Wesleyan. Maitland 1860s
O'Reilly, Rev. Thomas Newcastle. 1850s. Port Macquarie 1854-1860
Orton, Rev. Joseph Newcastle
Parry, Rev. W Baptist. Maitland 1869
Pemell, Rev. J Singleton 1850s
Pepper, Rev. Thomas James Newcastle 1860s
Phelan, Rev. Andrew Maitland 1860s
Pickering, Rev. George Stroud 1860s
Piddington, Rev. W Wesleyan. Allyn River 1850s
Pinkerton, Rev. William Presbyterian. Arrived Stirling Castle 1831 Maitland 1830s. Died in Sydney in 1834
Porteus, Rev. David United Methodist Free church. Wallsend 1870
Price, Rev. Charles Congregational. Port Stephens. 1830s.
Price, Rev. Charles S. Y Brown St. Congregational Church, Newcastle 1881
Priest, Rev. A. J. H Allynbrook 1880s
Pritchard, Rev. E. Cook Newcastle 1860s
Purves, Rev. William Presbyterian. Maitland 1850s
Rabone, Rev. Stephen Maitland 1850s - 60s
Raynor, Rev. G Morpeth. Departed for England 1851
Ridley, Rev. W Williams River
Rigg, Rev. C. W Morpeth 1860s
Rigney, Rev. John Catholic. Singleton1850s
Robey, Rev. T Lambton 1877
Rodwell, Rev. Josiah Morpeth 1840s and 1850s
Rogers, Rev. Edward Church of England. Brisbane Water 1830s
Rogers, Rev. R Brown St. Congregational Church, Newcastle 1880
Ross, Rev. Duncan Muswellbrook 1860s
Ross, Rev. James Murrurundi 1870s
Ross, Rev. William Presbyterian. Paterson1840s
Rowe, Rev. Morpeth
Rumsey, Rev. Lacy H Newcastle 1850s
Rusden, Rev. George Keylock Church of England. Maitland 1840s and 1850s
Rutledge, Rev. W. Wools Methodist. Newcastle 1874
Ryan, Rev. M. H. Newcastle 1870s
Ryan, Rev. Catholic. Maitland 1840s
Salmon, Rev. Alexander
Savigny, Rev. William Henry Newcastle 1850s
Schofield, Rev. Wesleyan. Maitland 1850s
Selwyn, Rev. Arthur E Newcastle 1870's
Sharp, Rev. J Morpeth 1850s
Shaw Rev. Murrurundi 1860s
Shaw, Rev. Archibald Stroud 1860s
Shaw, Rev. Bowyer Edward Born 1838; died 1896. Wollombi; Quorrobolong 1860s - 1870s
Shaw, Rev. Thomas Head Born 1833; died 1873. Wollombi 1861; Newcastle 1870s;
Shaw, Rev. J Maitland 1880s
Shaw, Rev. John Gosford 1860s
Shaw, Rev. T. H Camberwell 1870s
Sherriff, Rev. Arthur McEwen Dungog 1860s
Simm, Rev. Samuel Morpeth and Williams River 1850s - 1870s
Simpson, Rev. William West Church of England. Maitland 1840s and 50s
Smith, Rev. John Jennings Church of England. Arrived with wife and 10 children when he was 56 years old. Had been a lecturer at St. Mary's Chiswick & Instructor of Princess Victoria. First incumbent of Paterson district. Died in 1846
Smith, Rev. Percy Jennings
Sparling, Rev. W Primitive Methodist. Waratah 1876
Spencer, Rev. Charles Church of England. Raymond Terrace 1840s 1850s
Stack, Rev. William Church of England. Maitland 1840s
Stead, Rev. C. Maitland 1880s
Steele, Rev. Dr. Church of England. Gosford 1847
Stephens, Rev. A Newcastle 1852
Stephens, Rev. Michael Catholic. Singleton1840s
Stewart, Rev. Robert Presbyterian. Newcastle1840s
Stiles, Rev. George Merriwa 1870s
Stirton, Rev. Thomas Paterson 1860s
Stone, Rev. W West Maitland 1860s
Stoor, Rev. William Missionary. Preaching at Maitland in 1852
Studds, Rev.  James Newcastle 1869 - 71
Tait, Rev. William Born 1851, died 1925. Millfield; Wollombi 1891. Grafton 1893
Taylor, Rev. Richard Hunter Valley 1836 - 1839
Taylor, Rev. William Methodist. Newcastle 1860s
Terras, Rev. James Presbyterian. Greta 1880s
Thackeray, Rev. James R West Maitland 185os and 1860s
Therry, Rev. John Joseph Catholic. Maitland 1830s
Thomas, Alfred Cayley Brisbane Water and Scone 1880s
Thomson, Rev. E. J Presbyterian. Minmi
Threlkeld, Rev. Lancelot Congregational. Missionary stationed at Lake Macquarie
Tingcombe, Rev. Henry New England 1852
Toms, Rev. William Stroud 1850s
Tuckfield, Rev. Francis Wesleyan. Newcastle and Maitland 1850s
Turner, Rev. G. T Newcastle 1850s
Turner, Rev. Josiah George Wesleyan. Maitland 1850s
Turner, Rev. N Wesleyan. Maitland1840
Tyrrell, Rev. Lovick Maitland
Tyrrell, Rev. William D. D. Bishop of Newcastle
Upjohn, Rev. J. W Morpeth 1870s
Vanderkiste, Rev. R. W Dungog and Port Stephens 1860s
Vidal, Rev. Francis Liverpool Plains 1840s
Wallace, Rev. J Church of England. Singleton 1850s
Walsh, Rev. Charles Morpeth 1860s
Walsh, Rev. Edward Clarencetown 1860s
Walsh, Rev. M Newcastle 1860s
Waraker, Rev. John Thomas Maitland1850s
Waterhouse, Rev. Jabez. B Wesleyan. Newcastle 1870s
Watkins, Rev. James Catholic. West Maitland 1830s
Watsford, Rev. J Wesleyan Missionary Society. Maitland 1850s
Wayn, Rev. Arthur Clarencetown 1850s; Hexham and Alnwick in 1860
Wheaton, Rev. Frank F. Brown St. Congregational Church, Newcastle 1929 - 1934
Whinfield, Rev. John Frederick R. Anglican Minister Wollombi 1852 - 1858
White, Rev. James Smith Presbyterian. Ordained 1847. Singleton 1850s
White, Rev. R. C Baptist. Newcastle 1871
White, Rev. W. E Muswellbrook 1860s
Whiteford, Rev. George Baptist Church, Newcastle 1860s
Whyte, Rev. Charles M. A Brown St. Congregational Church, Newcastle 1885
Wilkinson, Rev. Frederick Church of England. Newcastle , Paterson, 1820s
Wilkinson, Rev. Samuel Wesleyan. Maitland and Paterson 1840s and 1850s
Wilks, Rev. Thomas Largs 1860s and 1870s
Williams, Rev. Edward Church of England. Liverpool Plains 1850s
Williams, Rev. Robert Lambton 1870s
Williams, Rev. Vincent George Murrurundi 1860s
Williams, Rev. William Tamworth 1850s
Willings, Rev. J. J. Brown St. Congregational Church, Newcastle 1919-1928
Wilson, Rev. William Skinner Cassilis 1860s
Wilton, Rev. Charles P. N. Church of England. Stationed in Newcastle"
Wirt, Rev. Loyal L Brown St. Congregational Church, Newcastle 1901-1904
Woolfrey, Rev. Henry Catholic. Brisbane Water 1860
Woolley, Rev. John Hexham 1850s
Woolnough, Rev. G Wallsend 1870s
Yarrington, Rev. W. H. H. West Maitland 1880s
Yates, Rev. Missionary from N.Z. held services at Port Stephens 1831
Yeatman, Rev. Edward Kelson Newcastle 1860s. Died at Auburn S.A. 20 October 1902
Young, Rev. D Baptist minister at Lambton 1873

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