Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Alfred Oke Edye

Hunter Valley Medical Practitioner


He leased 165 acres of land in the town of Maitland from Thomas Harper in November 1839. [2]

Governor Fitzroy's Visit To Maitland

On 3rd February 1847 Governor Sir Charles Fitzroy accompanied by the Honorable C.D. Riddell, G. Fitzroy, Lieut. Masters, Captain Moriarty, Major Innes and James Reid, alighted from the steamer Tamar at the Hunter River Company's Wharf at Morpeth.

The Governor's own horses also arrived with him on the steamer and he and his party mounted to proceed on their journey without delay. He was accompanied by about fifty gentlemen from the district who fell behind forming an escort as he rode to Maitland.

Perhaps Dr. Edye was part of this escort. He may have attended Major Innes after the Major was thrown from his horse when a heavy shower drenched the party half way to Maitland. He was certainly present later that day at the levee held at George Yeomans' Northumberland Hotel. He was presented to the Governor along with other gentlemen such as George Turner, Mr. Rogerson, John McDouall, John Skottowe Parker, David Dunlop, Emanuel Hungerford, Mr. Doyle, Edward Close, Mr. McClelland, Edward Biddulph, David Sloane, John Gill, Mr. Dangar, John Kingsmill, Mr. Geddes, Mr. Parnell, Edward Capper and Charles Walthall.

Alfred Edye had taken part in meetings months before to make arrangements for the reception of the Governor so he was probably present also at the dinner that followed later that evening where speeches were made and the toasts raised with loud cheers.

Premises Offered For Sale

Dr. Edye resided in High St. West Maitland. In 1854 the premises were offered for sale - There was a commodious brick house containing seven apartments - a large shop 28ft 6 inches by 14 ft 10 inches; 1 hall room; 1 dressing room; 4 bedrooms as well as a brick built store room 30 feet in length by 14 feet width and a slab kitchen of two apartments with brick floor. The premises adjoined the Waterloo Inn.


Alfred Oke Edye died aged 49 on 16th May 1856 and was buried in the St. Peter's Cemetery at East Maitland.


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