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The Victoria Inn


Hinton Punt
The Hinton Punt

John James was granted a licence for the Victoria Hotel at Hinton in 1839 and 1840. [1] John James later took out the licence for the Hinton Hotel.

William Henry Estall

William Henry Estall was granted the licence for the Victoria Hotel in June 1841 and 1842 [1]

Margaret Cook

Mrs. Margaret Cook was granted a publicans' licence in June 1845. In April 1846 Margaret Cook advertised the Hotel for lease.

Seven months later on 30th November, she passed away after a severe and lingering illness.

William Newman

Her child and the Hotel were then looked after by William Newman and his wife. By May 1847 William Newman announced that he and his wife were taking over the Victoria Hotel on their own account after having been in charge of the hotel for the benefit of the late Mrs. Cook's child. They requested that all debts be settled prior to them commencing their own business at the hotel on the 1st of July.

Two weeks later Mrs. Newman organised a ball and supper at the Victoria which was attended by upwards of 70 people.

The ball room was tastefully decorated and brilliantly lit up. Dancing commenced at about nine o'clock to the strains of an excellent band. At twelve a splendid supper was served up, comprising hams, tongues, and more solid joints succeeded by a variety of pastry; to which ample justice was done. Dancing then re-commenced and was kept up with great glee and conviviality until daylight. The whole arrangements were admirable and reflected great credit on Mrs. Newman

In January 1850 auctioneer Jeremiah Ledsam advertised Oswald Bloxsome's land at Hinton and Bowthorne for sale. The Hinton land comprised 14 lots. On lot 9 was situated the Victoria Hotel. Said to be in full trade and rented at £104 per annum.

Richard Stafford

Richard Stafford was granted a licence for the Victoria Inn in April 1854.

Jane Ferris

Mrs. Jane Ferris of the Victoria Inn was granted a bagatelle licence in 1877


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