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Beresford Hudson - Settler

Hillsborough - Map 2

Beresford Hudson arrived in Hobart on the Andromeda in 1823. Other passengers included Rev. John Dunmore Lang, Henry Hewitt, John Larnach and James and Nancy McClymont.

Voyage of the Andromeda

According to later published correspondence from Rev. Lang it was a most distressing voyage. Rev. Lang wrote to the Captain while the ship was in Rio de Janeiro in January 1821 remonstrating with him..... 'Allow me to add, that your conduct that, on several occasions since our leaving Falmouth, has been so totally inconsistent with propriety, and of a character so menacing and dangerous, that for my own part and a considerable number of the passengers, as they have personally assured me, are ready to declare, upon oath, if called on, that we do not consider our lives in safety in prosecuting the voyage under your command, unless, in the mean time, you evince a sincere determination to adopt a totally different line of conduct from that which you have hitherto pursued. I trust, therefore, that a due regard to your own character, and for the happiness and comfort of all on board, will induce you to entertain very different sentiments from those on which you have acted for some time past, and to adopt a course of procedure more consistent with the character of a man of honour, and not calculated to destroy the happiness of those who entrusted their lives and fortunes under your charge.

Land Grant

In Hobart Beresford Hudson boarded the Brixton bound for Sydney. He came with a recommendation from Lord Bathurst and was granted 2000 acres of land in the Hunter Valley which he later named Hillsborough.
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The Hillsborough Land in 1801

The Hillsborough land had been visited many years before when Lieut-Colonel William Paterson, Dr. John Harris, Francis Barralier and Lieutenant James Grant penetrated 30 miles up river from Schanks Forest (Maitland) on their Expedition in June 1801.

They traversed rapids which 'obliged them to get out and drag boats up', observed natives and then climbed two peaks where they could view the surrounding areas. They observed 'perfectly level land for many miles covered with trees, underwood and swamp'. They could see the coast of Port Stephens in the distance towards the north east. One of the peaks they climbed was situated on land later to be granted to Beresford Hudson. Colonel Paterson named the peak Elizabeth's Mountain after his wife.

Allotment of Land in Newcastle

Beresford Hudson's name was included on a return of allotments of land in the newly surveyed town of Newcastle which were granted to about one hundred settlers in November 1824.

Commissariat Clerk at Newcastle

He was employed as a Clerk in the Commissariat Store at Newcastle in 1828. The location of the Commissariat can be seen on surveyor John Armstrong's 1830 map of Newcastle

Life in the Colony

He married Maria Louisa Wood in Newcastle in 1837. Their children included: Maria b. 1838 d. 1863 Richard b. 1843; George b. 1844; Eliza b. 1846 d. 1866; Beresford Nixon b. 1848; John b. 1850; Ann Temperance b. 1852 d. 1853.

Beresford Hudson was active in the Newcastle community....He petitioned against re-introducing transportation in 1846 and was a member of the school board and the district council. He assisted in making arrangements for the reception of Governor Sir Charles Fitzroy for his visit to the Hunter in January 1847. Select here to find out more about the Governor's visit to Newcastle in 1847

In March 1844 Hillsborough was advertised to be let for five or seven years. It was said to be well adapted for sheep or cattle and situated eight miles from Maitland; bounded on the south by Hunter river, on the east by Rosebrook, and on the west by the land of W.C. Wentworth. A square piece of land, well watered by the river and creek, it was thought to be suitable for an industrious man. Thirty acres of alluvial land had been cleared. Also to let were 470 acres of land enclosed by a strong fence, well watered by the river, creek and never failing spring and another 60 acres of rich alluvial land, Hudson to provide bullocks, farming implements and use of a large barn; the tenant to deliver one half the crops. A dairy farm was also established on the estate.


Beresford Hudson's health declined at the imminent demise of his daughter Maria. He died near Newcastle in February 1863 after wandering away from his home. Maitland Mercury 21 February 1863

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