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Joseph Thew - Settler

Map 10

Joseph Thew arrived on the Andromeda in 1823. Other passengers on the Andromeda included James McClymont and his wife Nancy, Beresford Hudson, David Ralston, John Morrison and wife, Michael McDonald, John McCormack, Jacob Newton and Rev. John D. Lang.

Joseph Thew was granted 1310 acres of land in October 1823. While on an expedition to select his land he noted the coal works at Newcastle and soon afterwards made an offer to government to take over the works so that they might be run more efficiently. This is prior to the date of the incorporation of the A.A. Company.....

Pitt Street, Sydney 27 October 1823
Having lately returned from Hunter's River and while at Newcastle I have paid some attention to the coal works and the manner of carrying them on. I beg leave to state that I think a great saving of labour and gain may be made to government by a different method of conveyance and carrying on the works - and would be glad to make an offer for the coal mines were I acquainted with the manner in which government would be disposed to let them......[4]

Nothing came of this offer. He was granted an allotment of land in the township of Newcastle and also acquired an auctioneer's license for Newcastle in December 1823.

On 29th July he was granted permission to take 12 head of cattle branded JT from Windsor to his farm (No. 26 township). Assigned servant Peter Sullivan per Lord Sidmouth and James Smith who was free were to accompany him. [3]

On 27th September 1824 Joseph Thew was granted permission for temporary occupation of 800 acres adjoining his own land as a grazing run for his cattle provided he be responsible for them [2]. He had plans to fell trees and cultivate the land however these plans did not eventuate. He advertised his estate for sale in March 1826.

Joseph Thew died on 8th August 1826 [5]. His land was advertised for sale......

To be Sold by Private Bargain about 1200 acres of fine land, situate upon the Banks of Hunter's River and within a short distance of Newcastle. This property from its proximity to the settlement the quality of the land, and the nature of the improvements already made upon it, would enable an emigrant, to sit down at once on his farm without the trouble or expense of a first settlement, and it offers a most excellent opportunity to those gentlemen who have taken their grants further up the river of forming a lower or middle station. There is a very extensive cattle run adjoining the lands, and a vessel of 100 tons may be navigated from the sea, up to the spot. Apply for cards of address at the office of the Sydney Gazette to Mr. Joseph Thew, First Branch of Hunters River or to Mr. Warren, Australian Company's Office. (1)

The land was subsequently acquired by the Australian Agricultural Company.
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The land can be seen on the map above between the estates of Gill and Pennington.....

The following convicts were assigned to Joseph Thew in 1823 and 1824:

Henry Lewis per Guildford

Peter Sullivan per Lord Sidmouth

Joseph Bradford per Guildford

Patrick Kavenagh per Recovery

James Fox per Martha

Hymes Franks per Surry

John McDonald per Prince Regent

George Sweeting per Mariner

Charles Connor per Martha

Thomas Dobbinson per Henry

James Holland per Isabella

Notes and Links

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2). Joseph Thew's allotment of land at Newcastle - Allotment 60......... Claim for Deed of Grant. 22 perches located on an order of Sir Thomas Brisbane dated 10th October 1823 in favour of Joseph Thew, now deceased, whose heir at law, John Thomas, devised to his daughter, Bridget Harris (claimant), wife of William Harris of Newcastle


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