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Samuel Mackay R.N.

Convict Ship Surgeon-Superintendent

Samuel Mackay was appointed Assistant Surgeon to the Erebus in 1814. [3] He was appointed surgeon to the Tweed in 1835.[4] He was appointed surgeon to the Winchester 28 March 1839[5]

Surgeon Superintendent

Samuel Mackay was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on the convict ship Waverley to Van Diemen's Land in 1842.

On 25th August and 1st September 1842 one hundred and forty seven female convicts and forty of their children were embarked on the Waverley from the depot at Grange Gorman Lane, Dublin, all in a healthy state.

The Waverley departed Dublin 4th September 1842. There was fine weather for most of the voyage to Australia and therefore the prisoners and children were allowed on deck from 9 am to 6pm when they were mustered and returned to the prison for the night.

There were only eleven cases in the surgeon's journal and one death, that of a young boy. Samuel Mackay was careful to keep the Waverley prison clean and well ventilated and the convicts arrived at the Derwent on 15th December 1842 in a healthy state. [1]


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