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Thomas Arndell. Australian Town and Country Journal 25 Dec 1907Thomas Arndell junior was the eldest son of First Fleet surgeon Thomas Arndell.

Thomas Arndell junior married Sophia Loder in 1824. They resided at Cattai on the Hawkesbury.

W. Allan Wood in the Dawn in the Valley records that 'Thomas junior was granted 300 acres in two portions at the junction of Greig's Creek with the Hunter River. He later purchased areas of 1033, and 400 acres situated across the river from the Church and School lands which lay between Dalswinton and Wollun Hills.

Thomas Arndell died in January 1865 at Cattai, Hawkesbury River.

His obituary, published in the Windsor and Richmond Gazette 16 November 1907, includes various Arndell family members:

The death of Mr Thomas Arndell, which took place at Cattai on 30th October, snaps another link of the historic chain which binds the present to the past. He was a son of the late Thomas Arndell who came out from England in 1786 as assistant surgeon to the then new settlement of New South Wales. Both Dr Arndell and his wife were buried in St Matthew s GE. Cemetery, Windsor. The subject of this notice was born at Cattai, was married there, lived there practically all his life and died there at the ripe old age of 83 years, honored by all. He inherited all the good attributes and instincts which characterised his progenitors, and which are such marked features in the younger scions of the grand old family. No name is more honored, not only in the Hawkesbury, but throughout the whole State, than Arndell.. A man with very large sympathies for his fellows, springing from a family strong in their faith as uncompromising Presbyterians, a man who lived a clean moral life and was upright in all his doings what; wonder that such a man was beloved - what wonder that the name he bore was honored and venerated, aye, before our time, and right on, generation after generation, up to the present day. The late Thomas Arndell was the elder of three sons, his brothers being James and George, both well-known in connection with squatting pursuits, and for their pioneering exploits as young men. James and George owned Glendhu Station, at Timor, on the Upper Hunter, while Thomas lived at Cattai all his life with the exception of a short period before he married, which he spent on his father's and his uncle James' stations, the former being at Barraba, and the latter being Woodlands station on the Upper Hunter. He also had five sisters, viz,, Mrs George Loder, of Abbey Green, Singleton, who died seven or eight years ago ; Mrs F. R. White, of Harben Vale, Blandford, and three unmarried sisters, who reside at Lewisham. He was married at the age of 27 years to Mary, daughter of the late James Hall, of 'Macquarie,' Cattai, on the same day as his sister, Mrs Loder was married, the ceremony being performed by one of the earlier Presbyterian ministers. The issue of the marriage was four sons, viz, Mr James Thomas Arndell, who lives at Cattai; Mr Andrew Johnston Arndell, chief clerk in the G.P.O , and for a time acting Deputy Postmaster-General ; Mr Albert William Arndell, of 'Macquarie,' Cattai; and Mr Alfred Sydney Arndell, of Lilberne Station, Timor. They are all well-known in the Hawkesbury district and are held in the highest respect. The remains of the late Mr Thomas Arndell were laid to rest in the family vault in the historic old Presbyterian cemetery at Ebenezer, on the 31st ultimo, Rev D. Baird and Rev R. Edgar officiating, while Mr J. W Chandler, of Windsor, carried out the funeral arrangements.

Location of the grant is to the left on the map below and recorded as Arndale.

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1). Death of Miss Sophie Arndell 29 April 1914 - One of three unmarried daughters of Thomas Arndell junior.