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John Mortimer R.N.


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John Mortimer R.N.

Convict Ship Surgeon

Date of Seniority Royal Navy 17 February 1806

John Mortimer was stationed at Antigua in 1809[1]. He was Surgeon at the hospital at Martinique in 1810[2]; and Surgeon to the Naval Hospital at Barbadoes in 1814 [3]

1816 - 1817
Employed as Surgeon Superintendent on the convict ship Fame to New South Wales, arriving in Port Jackson on 8th March 1817.


He was practising at Torrington.......Extract of a letter from Mr. Mortimer, an able Practitioner in Torrington, and late Surgeon of the Naval Hospital at Barbadoes.[4]


John Mortimer was on the List of Gentlemen who passed their Surgical Examinations at Edinburgh


Employed as Surgeon to the Haslar Hospital[5]


Appointed Deputy Inspector of Hospitals on 22 August 1840 (Haslar Hospital)


Appointed Medical Inspector of Hospitals and Fleets on 9th November 1846[6]


John Mortimer died at Gosport age 74 on 20 April 1856 [7]


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