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Convict and Colonial History

Green Gate - Robin Hood - Horse and Jockey

Jerry's Plains

The premises of The Green Gate, The Robin Hood and The Horse and Jockey were owned by the Brown family.

The Green Gate

Innkeeper/ owner David Brown 1835 - 1837

The Robin Hood Inn

Thomas Brown was Innkeeper at the Robin Hood Inn from 1840 to 1843 when Morris Magnay took over. Thomas Brown had placed advertisements seeking patronage from race goers at the Jerry's Plains races during his tenure. Morris Magnay added to the business by advertising that the Royal Mail called at the Inn. Passengers were informed the conveyance was good and that they would always find a good breakfast at the Robin Hood with superior wines spirits and liquors. Saddle horses and gigs could be let also. The Royal Mail started from Singleton called at the Robin Hood, Jerry's Plains on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and returned on Sunday Tuesday and Thursday. [1]

Morris Magnay later took over the Prince Albert at Mt. Thorley and the Queen Victoria Inn at Glennies Creek [2]

Alexander Gibson

Alexander Gibson took over the Robin Hood Inn in 1844. In 1847 he advertised for a man and his wife without encumbrance; the man to make himself generally useful and the woman to work as a laundress and to assist her husband when required [3]

Charles Capp

Twenty five year old Charles Capp was granted a publican's licence for the Robin Hood Inn in April 1848[4].

The Horse and Jockey Inn

Henry York was publican at The Horse and Jockey Inn in 1852

Patrick Ward was granted a license in 1853

David Power was granted a licence in 1879 [5]


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