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The Gordon Arms


The Gordon Arms was situated about eleven kilometres from Maitland on the road to Patrick Plains

Robert Ballard

Robert Ballard was granted a publican's licence for the Gordon Arms in October 1843[1]

He took out a licence for the Wheatsheaf Inn at Morpeth in April 1845.[2]

Peter Grant

Peter and Jane Grant arrived with two children, Ann aged 7 and Janet aged 5 on the Alfred in 1839. Two other children Peter aged 18 months and Jane aged 3 1/2, died on the passage out. The Assisted Immigrant passengers list reveal that Jane was 30 years of age and the daughter of Paul Gordon of Aberdeenshire. Peter and Jane had both been farm servants in Aberdeenshire

By the 1840s Peter Grant owned the premises of the Gordon Arms. He was issued with a publican's licence for the Gordon Arms in April 1844, 1845 and 1846.[3]
In 1846 he was fined £2 for selling liquor on a Sunday[4]

In 1847 Peter Grant charged neighbours Ann and Samuel Derrington with assaulting his wife Jane after an altercation between the two women. Ann and Samuel Derrington were later fined 60/- and bound over to keep the peace.[5]

James Wolfe

James Wolfe was the next innkeeper at the Gordon Arms. He was granted a publican's licence in June 1847. He transferred the licence to Thomas Honeysett in March 1848 and was granted a publican's licence for the Red Cow Inn in May 1848 [6]

Thomas Honeysett

Thomas Honeysett held the licence for the Gordon Arms in 1849 and in October that year transferred the licence to William Bartley. [7]

Thomas Honeysett was granted a publican's licence for the Cricketers Arms in West Maitland in 1851

William Bartley

William Bartley was granted a licence in 1849 - 1850

James Neal

James Neal was granted a licence in 1851

Peter Grant

Peter Grant held the licence again in May 1853 [8]

Dennis Toohey

Dennis Toohey was granted the publican's licence in April 1854

James Nugent

James Nugent held the licence from September 1854. In April 1857 the licence was granted James Nugent provisionally if the Inn was put into "thoroughly good repair". In April 1858 he was issued with the same directive - the licence would only be issued if the Inn was put in good repair the properly cleaned. The Chief Constable confirmed the work had been done and James Nugent was once again issued with a licence in May

In April 1859 the Bench refused to issue a licence to Peter Grant because of the disorderly conduct of his wife, who, some years previously was addicted to drink and of violent temper when intoxicated

Joseph Greedy

Joseph Greedy was granted a licence in December 1859 which he held until 1862 when he was granted the licence of the Red Lion Inn at Lochinvar

In March 1860 Peter Grant advertised 'to sell privately or exchange for country property, the Gordon Arms Inn; the store and premises lately occupied by Mr. Patterson; and the house he lives in himself'.

Robert G. Bellamy was refused a licence in April 1862 as the application had not been received by the Clerk of Petty Sessions within the time specified, and again refused in May 1862

John Ryan

John Ryan was granted a licence for the Gordon Arms in July 1862

In August 1865 E. Glasheen of Luskintyre was calling for tenders for painting and repairs to the Inn known as the Gordon Arms, Lochinvar and in December 1865 the old Inn was put up for auction:

"The House and premises lately known as the Gordon Arms situated at Lochinvar; the house contains nine rooms, verandah, detached kitchen, stabling, Tank estimated to contain 4000 gallons water. The house has always commanded a full trade...."

Notes and Links

Peter Grant died at his son's residence, Molroy Station, Bingera on July 21st 1868, aged 61
Jane Grant, nee Gordon died at Lochinvar on 18th May 1892 aged 84


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