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Convict and Colonial History

Jacob Mountgarrett R. N.,

Convict Ship Surgeon

Jacob Mountgarrett was employed as surgeon on H.M.S Glatton in 1803. H.M.S. Glatton departed England on 23 September 1802 and arrived in Sydney Cove 11 March 1803.

In 1804 he was appointed surgeon at the new settlement at Port Dalrymple. He was succeeded in this appointment by Robert Espie in 1820.

Joseph Arnold who arrived as surgeon on the Northampton in 1815 mentions Mountgarrett in his journal.....

Mr. Mountgarret was long a Surgeon in the Navy, but has been several years chief Surgeon at the Derwent, he has been a great Speculator, but has not made a fortune, rather has lost one after having gained it. He put himself under my direction for a diseased fore finger two of the bones of which have separated and the other is carious. I was not able to determine the nature of the disease, he had received a wound from the Saw when assisting at the Amputation of a man who is said to have laboured under the disease of the Skin, and this wound has been followed by the disease just mentioned. The hand itself was much swelled and there were purple spots on the back of it, so that amputation in my opinion, unless of the whole hand, was inadvisable. He had tried Mercury without effect, I advised an application of powdered charcoal and hot fomentations but I fear with little prospect of relief. State Library of NSW

His arm was later amputated.

Jacob Mountgarrett died on 27 January 1828 age 54 and was buried in the old Church of England burial ground, Launceston.

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