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Harvey Morris R.N.


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Harvey Morris R.N.


Date of Seniority Royal Navy 20 July 1838

Harvey Morris was on the List of Surgeons of the Royal Navy who were fit for service in 1841. He was appointed to the Racer.

Surgeon Superintendent

He was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on five convict ship voyages to Australia:

David Malcolm to Norfolk Island in 1845
Elizabeth and Henry to Hobart 1847
Bangalore to Hobart in 1848
Rodney to Hobart in 1851
Robert Small to Fremantle in 1853


Harvey Morris, Staff Surgeon, R.N., died on 4 January 1861 at his residence, Wickham Villa, New Cross, London [1]

Notes and Links

1). One of the prisoners of the Rodney, Charles Dawnes was photographed in 1874. The image is included on the National Library of Australia site.


[1] The Monthly (alphabetical) record of births, deaths, and marriages 1861

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