Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Caryer Vickery R. N.,

Convict Ship Surgeon-Superintendent

Date of Seniority Royal Navy 11 December 1804

Caryer Vickery b. circa 1761, married Catherine Munning 12 June 1786 at Kingston, Surrey.


1). Caryer Hawkins Vickery b. 11 March 1787. Baptised 7 June 1787 at St. George the Martyr Queens Square Camden[1]

2). Christopher Munnings Vickery b. 1788 at Kingston Surrey. Migrated to St. John's January 1814, B.A. 1816. Died February 22, 1816 at Dereham, Norfolk (Cambridge Chronicle March 1 1816).[2]

3). Caryer Vickery b. 24 April 1790 at Holt Norfolk

4). Thomas Munnings Vickery b. 1791. Solicitor

5) Daughter Mary Ann died in 1793 aged 9 months [8]

Naval Career

Caryer Vickery was appointed surgeon in the Royal Navy 11 December 1804. He was appointed to the St. Ysidro in 1813 [3]

He was entered in the Navy List of Medical Officers in 1814 [4]

Surgeon Superintendent

Caryer Vickery was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on the convict ship Elizabeth to New South Wales in 1816.

On arrival the convicts were mustered on board. It was reported that ....... 'with the exception of convalescents from scurvy they were in good health and generally fresh looking, active men. The cases of lameness or permanent bodily disabilities were much fewer than usual, whilst at the same time the serviceable description of mechanics such as carpenters, masons, bricklayers and those whose trades conduce to the forwarding of buildings are still fewer being more deficient than in any other case within my recollection. Without exception every prisoners expressed gratefulness to the kind and humane attention of the Captain and Surgeon during the passage'[9]

Caryer Vickery departed the colony on Friday 8th November 1816 on the Elizabeth with detachments of the 89th and 56th regiments bound for Calcutta. [5]

He was appointed to the Superb in 1819 [6]


On 23 January 1837 at Lambeth in the 76th year of his age, Caryer Vickery, Esq., formerly of Bristol, surgeon in the Royal Navy. [7]

In his Will dated 1834 he left his entire estate to his son Thomas Munnings Vickery.


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