Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Colonial Events 1794

- The Hawkesbury district was opened for settlement early in the year, leading to the establishment of Windsor

- A fire was lit each night at South Head to warn ships.

March 10

Arrival of ship William. Master William Folger. Passengers Rev. Samuel Marsden and wife Elizabeth

May 3

Request by Lieut.-Governor Grose to Henry Dundas (per Store ship William) that steps be taken to replace him as he was troubled in hot weather by wounds received in the service (in America) and determined to leave the colony by the first opportunity.


Road between Sydney and the Hawkesbury established. The distance could be walked with ease in about eight hours


Attempt by Henry Hacking to cross the Blue Mountains

October 25

Arrival of convict ship Surpize(2). Master Patrick Campbell. Scottish political prisoners Thomas Muir, Thomas Fyshe Palmer, Maurice Margarot and W. Skirving arrived on the Surprize.


Death of Deputy commissary Thomas Freeman. Replaced by Quartermaster of NSW Corps Thomas Laycock

December 12

Lieutenant-Governor Grose replaced as administrator of the colony by Lieutenant William Paterson of the NSW Corps.

December 17

Departure of Lieutenant-Governor Grose on board store ship Daedalus

December 25

Oath of office taken by Captain Paterson who administered government until arrival of Governor Hunter