Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Colonial Events 1793

A partial view of Sydney Cove taken from the Sea side before the Surgeon Generals House
This artwork dated 1790 - 1795 can be viewed in full at the Natural History Museum and is described there as follows:
Artist: Port Jackson Painter. Reference: Watling Drawing - no. 14
A monochrome view across Sydney Cove from the outside Surgeon-General John White's house on the western shore, with one ship at anchor and another at left in full sail heading eastwards towards the harbour entrance. Both are flying the naval ensign of Queen Anne. Government House and gardens is depicted on the hillside behind, and a hut can be seen at the end of the tree covered promontory of Bennelong Point.

In 1793 the Governor was authorised to make land grants to military officers

January 1

Rev. Samuel Marsden appointed Chaplain of New South Wales (not yet arrived)

January 16

Arrival of the convict ship Bellona with female convicts and the first free settlers to the colony.


Grant of 100 acres to John Macarthur, the site of Elizabeth Farm House.


Opening of first official Church School in Sydney. Stephen Barnes Headmaster.

March 13

Spanish ships Descuvierta and Atrevida commanded by Don Alexandro Malaspina and Don Jose Bustamante anchored at Port Jackson

April 20

Arrival of the ship Daedalus, Lieut. Hanson with Maori flax dressers.

June 4

Departure of the Kitty from the Colony. Richard Clarke, surgeon of the Bellona returned to England on the Kitty

June 31

Thomas Arndell, assistant-surgeon granted permission to retire with allowance of £50 per annum and to become a settler.

July 15

Capt.-Lt. George Johnston of the marines appointed to the Command of a Company of New South Wales Corps of Foot.

July 24

Colonial vessel Francis launched in Sydney

August 7

Arrival of the convict ship Boddingtons. Master Robert Chalmers. Naval Surgeon Richard Kent; Surgeon Augustus Jacob Beyer

August 25

First service held in Church built by Rev. Richard Johnson on corner of Hunter and Castlereagh St. Sydney.


Settlers' first sale of corn to government store.


Arrival of convict transport Sugar Cane. Master Thomas Musgrave. Surgeon David Wake Bell.


Grose River discovered by Lieut-Colonel William Paterson.