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Notes on the Origins and Locations of Place Names

Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, Liverpool Plains

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L'Abri - House built by surgeon George Brooks in 1838, situated at 55 Newcomen-street, Newcastle

Laguna - Situated in Co. Northumberland on Sugar Loaf Creek on the north road from Wiseman's to Maitland. Six miles from Farley. Named by Heneage Finch surveyor, in 1825. See Dixon's map [30]

Laing St. Newcastle - Named after William Laing, merchant, alderman of Newcastle [3]

Lake Holme - Former residence of William Arnott. Arnott Ave., Toronto. Now Royal Motor Yacht Club

Lake Macquarie - After Lachlan Macquarie, Governor of NSW 1810 - 1821.

Lake Macquarie Road - Darby Street. Originally the path from Newcastle to Lake Macquarie. [3]

Lakemac - Unfortunate nickname applied to Lake Macquarie in recent years.

Lake Paterson - wetlands eastern side of Paterson River

Laman Street Cooks Hill - named after Thomas Laman overseer of the A.A. Co [3]

Lamb's Creek - Singleton district

Lamb's Valley - Estate of James Thomas Lamb situated in Co. Durham on the N. side of the Hunter River

Lamb's Valley Creek. Co. of Durham, a small northern tributary of the Hunter River

Lambton - Co. of Northumberland. The Lambton coal mines adjoined the township. Proclaimed a municipal district in 1871 with a council of 8 aldermen and a mayor. population 4,500 in 1893. [37]

Lame Cow Creek - Dungog / Gloucester district. Named after a lame wild cow which usually ran there

Landelf Point - Lake Macquarie - Illustrated Sydney News 23 April 1881

Langlands - Situated in Co. Durham equidistant between the towns of Seaham and Clarence in the parish of Uffington

Langworthy - Co. of Gloucester. Parish of Stroud. On the E. bank of the Karuah River 3 miles W. of Johnson's Creek

Largs - . Co. of Durham. 3 miles from East Maitland. Names after a place in Ayrshire, Scotland the birthplace of Andrew Lang

Larry's Flat - Co. of Gloucester - lying to the S. of the Manning River a few miles to the SW on Tinonee. [37]

Lauer's Lane - named after Charles Lauer [3]

Lawler Creek - Co. of Gloucster - a small rivulet, at the head of Karuah River. [37]

Leconfield - a small district positioned between Branxton, Dalwood and Greta with Leconfield House being the prominent property in the area

Leamington (Lemington) - a parish situated in Co. of Hunter between the Hunter River and Wollombi brook at Jerrys Plains.

Leconfield - Colliery near Greta (1888)

Lee Wharf-road Newcastle - named after Charles Lee, ex minister for works [3]

Leeholme - House constructed by John Lee, son of Benjamin Lee - Paterson River

Lees Pinch-Murrumbo Nature Reserve - located from just west of Sandy Hollow to Wollar. Approx 200 square miles [42]

Leigh Farm - Known as Pennington's Grant 1/2 mile from Raymond Terrace.

Lemon Grove - Estate of John Swan - Patterson's Plains

Lemongrove Estate - originally low lying swamp. Formed the main business site of Wallsend and Plattsburg

Lennoxton - Estate of James Adair - Paterson

Leslieville - 63 Union Street Cooks Hill. William Arnott's house

Lewin's Brook - Co. of Durham, an eastern tributary of the Allyn River falling into it about 4 miles E. of Gresford

Lewinsbrook - Estate of Alexander Park - Paterson

Lewinsbrook - Co. of Durham - village situaged on the Allyn River, the Pinnacle Mountains lying 7 miles distant. [37]

Liddell - Parish situated in Co. Durham bounded on the S. by the parishes of Ravensworth and Vane. Muswellbrook district

Liddell - Co. of Durham, an agricultural settlement lying on the Saltwater River, 13 miles NW of Singleton. [37]

Lidney - grant to George Porter in the Millers Forest area

Limeburner's Bay - situated on a peninsula of low land separated from Newcastle by the Hunter River. (1820).See Dangar's Map [29]. Located Piper's beach in Fullerton Cove

Limeburners' Creek - Co. Gloucester - a postal village situated on the creek whence it derives its name, 16 miles N. of Raymond Terrace. [37]

Limeburners' Creek - Co. of Durham, a small creek flowing into the estuary of the Karuah River

Limejuice Ponds - in the district of Liverpool plains situated between the Namoi and Gwydir rivers

Lingard Street Merewether - named after Samuel Lingard an old resident

Linwood - Wickham around the Carrington bridge area. First house built by Peter Fleming. The Linwood stables contained some of the best horses in the northern district.

Linwood Colliery - Wickham

Liverpool Plains - (native name Corborn Comleroy). Squatting district of NSW named by Johnn Oxley after Lord Liverpool. Chief towns Murrurundi, Narrabri, Nundle, Tamworth, Wee Waa, Breeza, Gulligal, Walget and Bendemeer. [37]

Lobster Ponds - District of Liverpool Plains situated between the Namoi and Gwydir rivers

Loch End - Estate of William Brooks - Speer's Point, Lake Macquarie

Loch Gyle Estate - Paterson. Estate of Captain Taggart

Lock Kalrine - Upper Hunter near Mount Dyrring

Lochnagar - Grant of 2060 acres to William Maxwell Shawl Stewart near Maitland

Lochinvar - After the hero in Sir Walter Scott's poem. Grant to Leslie Duguid. Co. Northumberland. Situated on the Hunter River in parish of Gosford.

Lockyer Mount - Co. of Northumberland - a high peak in the parish of Lockyer, about 16 miles S of Wollombi at a place called Simpson's Pass. The mountain is known as Dowling's Range. [37]

Loders Creek - a creek in the district of Liverpool plains. On this stream is Loder's station 27 miles from Murrurundi

Longford's Farm - 825 acres Wollombi

Long Point - District of Liverpool Plains on the Mooki river 54 miles from Murrurundi. Eales' station

Lorimer Creek - Co. of Bligh - a small tributary of the head of the Krui River rising in the Liverpool Range. [37]

Lorn - Grant to Thomas McDougall. Named after ancestral land in Argylshire

Lorne - Part of Fennell Bay and Fassifern used to be known as Lorne (c. 1881)

Lostock - Village on the Paterson River 9 miles from Gresford

Lough End Farm - Maitland/Morpeth

Louth Park - Maitland - John Thomas Maughan

Lover's Walk - Pathway on the southern end of Newcastle Beach. Also called City Walk

Lowe Estate - near Hexham. Estate of George Brooks 1848. On Iron Bark Creek. See Dangar's map [29]

Lower Belford - Co. of Northumberland, 140 miles N. of Sydney

Lower Farm - Speers Point - owned by William Clark in 1830s

Lower Portland Head - early name for Wiseman's Ferry

Loxton House - located main street of Muswellbook. Built c. 1838

Lucan Park - Estate of Cyrus Matthew Doyle Jerrys Plains

Lucerna - Home of Thomas Cook, cnr Laman and Auckland Streets Cook's Hill

Luskintyre - Estate of Alexander McLeod.

Luskintyre - A small agricultural hamlet situated on the Hunter River adjacent to the village of Lochinvar. [37]

Lymington - Early name for Cardiff after a mine in the area

Lyndhurst Vale - Estate of John Verge - William River