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Convict and Colonial History

Notes on the Origins and Locations of Place Names

Newcastle Lake Macquarie Hunter Valley



Tabbit Creek- a creek situated in Co. of Durham, west of Wilhurghully Hill; flows into the Williams River

Tacoma - The small diver or shag

Tahlbihn Point - (aboriginal name) Flagstaff Hill; Fort Scratchley, Newcastle

Tahlee - Karuah district. (Aboriginal pronounciation Thalee); Aboriginal meaning - sheltered from the wind [46]

Tahlee House - at Carrington Port Stephens

Tahpit -Gloucester district. Aboriginal meaning - a dingo [46]

Talbragar River - rises in the Warung State Forest (between Murrurundi and Cassilis) and flows into the Macquarie River near Dubbo

Talgoobewaa - Kamilaroi aboriginal name for Kayuga [39]

Tallgamaroongee - Muswellbrook district. Kamilaroi aboriginal name for The Mountain Rossgole [39]

Tamarang - Werris Creek - Aboriginal meaning - a bronzewing pigeon [46]

Tamboy - the ibis (aboriginal meaning); located Tea Gardens, Myall Lakes

Tamindi - Kamilaroi aboriginal name for Skellatar estate [39]

Tamori - Pigeon ground (aboriginal meaning) [24]

Tangorin Estate - W.F. Gordon, Hunter River. 14 miles from Maitland. Situated in Co. of Durham

Tanilba - situated on the shores of Port Stephens in the Co. of Gloucester

Tanumbuc - situated on the south bank of the Williams River in the county of Durham (Teggs: 1842)

Tareebin - Taree

Taree - Dungog district. Aboriginal name Tareebin, the fruit of the Rough Leaved Fig Tree [46]

Tareeleii - Squattage of Thomas Cullen in the district of Liverpool Plains on the Gwydir river

Tarill - in the district of Liverpool Plains on the river Namoi; Parnell's station

Tarragal Lake - Co. of Northumberland, an inlet from the sea lying in the parish of Kincumber 6 miles E of Gosford. [37]

Tarriaro - Run of Alexander Munro - Liverpool Plains

Tarro - A stone (aboriginal meaning). Tarro and parts of nearby Beresfield, were originally known as Upper Hexham, 'lower' Hexham being an older settlement located about 5 kilometres to the east on the Hunter River.

Tascott - Gosford district - named after T. A. Scott, an early settler [46]

Tattina - A point of land situated on the S. shore of the Harbour of Port Stephens

Tea Gardens- Karuah district. Co. Gloucester. So named because it was a favourite spot for the boatmen transporting timber to stop and make tea [46]

Telarah Estate - 60 acres at West Maitland in 1869

Telararee - Co. of Gloucester, village on the Karuah River. [37]

Telegaree brook - flows into Karuah River

Teligerry Creek - Stockton district. Aboriginal meaning - a pelican [46]

Telegherry/ Talleghary/ Tilligery - A pelican (aboriginal meaning)[46] ; Situated in Co. of Gloucester on the banks of the Karuah river

Telford Street, Newcastle - named after Thomas Telford, engineer

Tellarago - Liverpool Plains [40]

Temple Court - Murrurundi. The name of a special railway platform erected originally for Judge Maynard, it was after the London Law School near St. Mary's Temple Church, London [46]

Tenambit - East point Narrowgut - Morpeth 1860s. Aboriginal meaning - rosella parrot [46]

Teralba - On the shores of Lake Macquarie Early grant to Captain James St. John Ranclaud; also Tirelbah; Trialba. Aboriginal meaning - where the edible bush Dirrawan grows [46]

Terambay Point - Port Stephens near Nelsons Bay (Dangar's Map)

Terang Creek - Co. Northumberland - eastern tributary of the head of Wyong Creek. [37]

Terangang Point - Port Stephens (see Dangar's map)

Tereil - a mountain; one of the points of the Liverpool range

Terilbah - Co. of Northumberland, opening from the sea into Tuggerah Beach Lake. [37]

Terrabi - Liverpool Plains on the Barwon River. [40]

Terragong - estate at Merriwa. House built in 1830. Bettington family

Terrigal - Central coast NSW. Aboriginal meaning - many little birds [46]

Terrigat Hills - Co. Barford - - Dangar's map [29]

Terriouri - on the Namoi River

Terrymilla - Hill at Bishop's and E.C. Close's residences at Morpeth

Terrura Estate - Paterson Terry Hie Hie - in the district of Liverpool Plains; the station of George Bowman

Terula - Run belonging to William Ogilvie. Liverpool Plains

Tester's Hollow - Maitland district. Named after pioneer William Tester [46]

Thalaba - native clover (aboriginal meaning)[46] - a parish in Co. of Gloucester bounded on the N. by Trevor; S. by Horton; E. by the A.A. Co's estate and W. by the Williams River

Thalaba - Grant 2560 acres on William's River to Major Benjamin Sullivan. Later purchased by Horatio Nelson Matcham

Thalaba Creek - also known as Wangi or Wonga creek. Flows into the Williams river

The Brush - Colloquial name given to the Martinsville area

The Camp - early name for Maitland

The Castle Rock - Muswellbrook region - Kamilaroi aboriginal name Coorumgoora

The Folly - Mayfield

The Garden of Eden - piece of brush land on the Stroud River (Parry diary)

The Gibbers - a headland on the coast opposite Broughton Island

The Glebe - 35 acres of church land west of The Junction , Newcastle

The Grange - Estate of Matthew Chapman

The Hermitage - House of Ellar McKellar McKinlay at Dungog

The Hill - Suburb of Newcastle. The Hill was also known as Shepherd's Hill, Church Hill, and Prospect Hill

The Mountain Rossgole - Muswellbrook area. Kamilaroi aboriginal name Tallgamaroongee

The Oaks - near Muswellbrook. Charles Cox purchased half of his fathers estate and named it The Oaks. On Coal Creek

The Pottery - location of Welham's Pottery works near Merewether

Theribry - Run of William Sharp at Liverpool Plains

The Terrace - Opposite King Edward Park, Newcastle

Thompson's Creek - Co. Brisbane - a western tributary of the Darbrook. [37]

Thorn St. Newcastle - named after John Thorn, Mayor of Newcastle [3]

Thornthwaite - Estate of Joseph Docker near Scone

Thornthwaite - village situated on Darbrook. [37]

Thornton - Named after George Thornton M.L.C. (NMH)

Three Mile Creek. Co. Durham. [37]

Throsby Creek - named after Charles Throsby who was Commandant at Newcastle in 1805. Previously known as Mangrove Creek

Thurlow's Farm - 2000 farm 23 miles from Maitland. Original grant to William Thurlow

Tiberenah - Run belonging to W.C. Wentworth at Liverpool Plains

Tibuc - Manning River aboriginal name meaning a Bush Vine [46]

Tickhole - situated in Charlestown Road

Tickhole Tunnell - Railway tunnel located between Cardiff and Kotara stations on the Main Northern railway line

Tighe's Hill (suburb of Newcastle) - After Atkinson Tighe an early resident who in 1843 purchased the estate

Tigrah - Manning River aboriginal name meaning The Iron Bark Tree

Tilbuster - in the district of New England near Armidale; squattage of W. Dumaresq

Tilligra - Estate of Charles Windeyer - Williams River

Tillimby - Paterson district. Estate of John Herring Boughton - Aboriginal meaning - a cold and windy place [46]

Timavus (or Kilcoy) situated in Co. of Gloucester on the Hunter River 5 mmiles from Raymond Terrace; W. McLean's grant. 3 miles of river frontage

Timor - Aboriginal meaning - A large rock [46]

Timor - Co. Brisbane, Village 17 miles from Blandford. [37]

Tinagroo - a mountain, one of the points of Liverpool range

Tindarra - Kamilaroi aboriginal name for Hanging Rock above St. Hilliers [39]

Tingarajah Creek. Co. Northumberland, a small tributary of the Mangrove Creek. [37]

Tinmarby - in the district of Liverpool Plains at Namoi junction ; squattage of W.S. Hall

Tipton - Maitland - named after a coalmining town near Birmingham, England [46]

Tirabeenba - tooth like point of land - Toronto Coal Point Peninsula -Threlkeld [21]

Tirrikiba - place of fire (aboriginal) Mayfield/ Steelworks site [46]

Tirill - Manning River aboriginal meaning - A Tick

Tocal / Tucal - Estate of James Philips Webber and Felix Wilson on the Paterson River

Togar - smoke (aboriginal meaning)

Tolehambah - Co. Northumberland, a narrow neck of sandy land between the ocean and Tuggerah Beach Lake The village of Norah or Cabbage Tree Harbour and Bungaree Norah Point are on this point. The S. point is called Karagi and forms the N. head of the lake. [37]

Toloduna - Run belonging to C.F.H. Smith and W. Harper at Liverpool Plains

Tomago - sweet water (aboriginal meaning) - Adam Beveridge original grantee

Tomago - Co. of Durham Situated on the N. bank of the Hunter River parish of Stockton.

Tomago House - Built by Richard Windeyer.

Tomalla - Big noise (referring to the noise of the creek) (Aboriginal meaning). Belonged to Alexander Campbell. Vicinity of Barrington Tops or Gundy

Tomalpin - A high hill (aboriginal meaning) - situated in Co Northumberland. Cessnock District

Tomaree - A high mountain (aboriginal meaning) situated easternmost point of Port Stephens; a high line of cliffs from which projects a sandspit leaving only a narrow entrance (1848)

Tomatto - estate in Co. of Gloucester at Fullerton Cove about 10 miles from Newcastle belonging to Mrs. D. and Miss E. Snodgrass

Tomboy - Tea Gardens district. Aboriginal meaning - an ibis

Tongy - Cassilis district. A council ground a talking place (aboriginal meaning) [46]

Tonobore - a branch of the Namoi river in the district of Liverpool Plains

Toohrnbing/ Toorrnbing Creek - Aboriginal name for Iron Bark Creek - Dangar's 1828 map [29]

Tooke Street Cooks Hill - named after Thomas Tooke director of the A.A. Co. [3]

Toolangi - The fight by the waterhole (aboriginal meaning)

Tooligan - Scone district. Aboriginal meaning - a Kurrajong tree [46]

Tooloogan/ Toologan Farm - at Dartbrook

Toomeree or South Head - Port Stephens -Dangar's Map [29]

Toompoah - Aboriginal meaning piece of clay. Land near Toronto West

Toorigil Yallow - in the county of Northumberland at Cockle Creek, Brisbane Water about 6 miles from East Gosford

Toronto - Named by the Excelsior Land and Building Company which owned the land there, in honour of Edward Hanlan the champion sculler of the world who hailed from Toronto Canada and who arrived in NSW at the time of the subdivision.

Torryburn Estate - Allyn River. Also known as Kinghome. Grant to John McIntyre

Tory-Wee-Wha - Run of Charles Purcell on the Namoi River

Towarra - a mountain, one of the points of the Liverpool range

Treachery Head - a point of land in Co. Gloucester at Sugar Loaf Point

Trematon Park - situated in parish of Stockton at Fullerton Cove; estate of Rear Admiral Hollinworth

Tremayne estate - Wollombi - Estate of Robert Adamson Rodd

Tressingfield - situated on the Paterson River at Woodville

Trevallyn - After a place near Gresford England. Grant to George Townshend - Paterson

Trevor - a parish in Co. of Gloucester bounded on the N. by Faulkland; S. by Thalaba and E. by the A.A. Co estate

Trinkey - in the district of Liverpool Plains on Backwater creek 60 miles from Murrurundi. Loder's station. Run taken up by George Loder

Truro - situated in Co. Northumberland near the town of East Maitland; estate of Francis Mitchell

Tuckerman - district of Liverpool Plains on the Peel River near Tamworth; Station of C.T. Williams

Tuggerah - situated in Co. of Northumberland at the mouth of Tuggerah Lakes; Tuggerah known as meaning cold in native dialect and the points there being low and exposed to the sea breeze and southerly gales are cold and bleak (1848)

Tugrabakh - Gloucester districct. Aboriginal place for ironbark

Tulkaba - Belmont. The place of the soft leaf ti-tree - aboriginal meaning - Threlkeld [21]

Tulkaba Creek - Teralba. Flows into Cockle Creek at the Five Island Bridges.

Tulcumbah - in the district of Liverpool plains on the Namoi. Station of John Larnach

Tuloa Rd - Wangi (Israel's map c. 1923) aboriginal meaning - straight

Tuncurry - aboriginal meaning - plenty of fish

Tunkok - (aboriginal) name for Dungog

Turanville - Grant to William Dangar - near Scone

Turrama Rd Turrama Rd - Wangi - aboriginal meaning boomerang (Israel's map c. 1923)

Turrawan - Run belonging to Robert Halliley Milner. Liverpool Plains

Turee - Cassilis district. Aboriginal meaning - a waterweed

Turilawa -Werris Creek - Aboriginal meaning - a waterlilly[46]

Twickenham Meadows - located Parish Muggleswick near George Forbes estate Edinglassie

Tyraman Mount - Co. of Durham, a peak of the Mount Royal Range lying on the W. bank of the Paterson River.

Tyringham Estate - Estate belonging to Dr. Blick, Armidale

Tyrell St. Newcastle - named after Bishop Tyrell [3]