Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Notes on the Origins and Locations of Place Names

Newcastle Lake Macquarie Hunter Valley



Eaglet - Wollombi district [46]

Eagleton - Estate of Colonel William Snodgrass - situated Co. Gloucester on the Williams River. 9 miles from Raymond Terrace

Early's Cottages - Devonshire Street Maitland. Henry Early

Eastville - East of East Maitland - an extension of East Maitland

Ebeneza - Estate/ coal mine of Rev. Threlkeld at Toronto. Modern day Coal Point.

Eccleston - After a place near Chester, England. Located on the Allyn River. Parish of Avenal.

Edden Park - Early name for Pulbah Island named in 1919 in honour of Minister for Mines.

Edenville - early name for Kearsley

Edith Breaker - Co. Gloucester. Rocky islet, awash, lying directly on the line of coasters' track when passing between Seal Rocks and the mainland [37]

Edgeworth - Named after Sir T.W. Edgeworth-David. Known as Cocked Hat Creek until 1885. Know as Young Wallsend and renamed in 1960 after Professor Edgeworth David [46]

Edinglassie - Estate of George Forbes. Kamilaroi aboriginal name Malgoorieyn

Edmunds Bay - Toronto / Blackalls Park . Named after Edmund Chapman

Eelah Estate - Previously Hunter's Hill - Settler Timothy Nowlan

Egerton Hills - Also Edgerton. At the junction of Hunter and Williams River near Raymond Terrace (see Barrallier's 1801 map) Named for the Duke of Bridgewater.

Eildon Hall Farm - 1500 acres - 8 miles from Maitland

Elderslie - Named by T.C. Harrington, Assistant Colonial Secretary 1834, after a village in Scotland. Singleton district

Eldon - Parish in Co. Gloucester bound on the N. by Thornton; S by Stockton; E by Stowell and W. by the Williams and Hunter Rivers

Eldon Estate - Estate and residence of Peter Sinclair - Hunter River

Eleebana - Beauty (aboriginal meaning). Lake Macquarie [46]

Elizabeth Island - Port Stephens. Named by Governor Macquarie after his wife Elizabeth

Ellalong - A swampy place (aboriginal meaning). Robert Crawford's land grant. Co. Northumberland. Cessnock district. Named by Sir Thomas Mitchell Nov. 1831 [46]

Ellalong Creek - a small eastern tributary of the Wollombi Brook

Ellalong Lagoon - situated Co. Northumberland near the source of the Wollombi brook. A small swampy lake into which the Quarrybylong Creek drains. [37]

Elland - Denman district. Named after a place in York, England

Ellen Vale Estate - Estate of John Milson, Wollombi

Ellerslie Estate - Estate of Richard King - Jerry's Plains

Ellerston Estate - Estate of H.C. Sempill - Upper Hunter. Named after a place in Gloucestershire, England [46]

Ellis - A parish in Co. Brisbane bounded on the S. by Clanricarde; E by the Hunter River and N. by Strathearne

Ellulang Estate - 13 miles from Maitland.

Elm's Hall Estate - Upper Paterson

Elmswood - estate at Pages River

Elrington - Cessnock district

Emerald Vale - near Gresford 1870

Ena Creek - Co. Gwydir, a western tributary of the Macintyre River flowing through scrubby pastoral country.

Engheim - Estate of Charles Ferdinand Hamilton Smith

Enwylong - N. W. Raymond Terrace [46]

Erangeroo - Co. Parry, a high peak of the Peel Range, lying 5 miles E of the township of Carrol. [37]

Eraring - That which gleams or glitters (aboriginal meaning). Percy Simpson's grant of 7th April 1838 (Coorumbung Parish) covered Eraring. Yererung on Henry Dangar's 1828 map [29]

Erraring Bay - Arcadia Vale (Map - Lake Macquarie: Parish of Awaba, County of Northumberland)

Erina - a creek in Co. Northumberland; flows into Brisbane Water at the town of East Gosford

Erringi - or Erringhi. Aboriginal name for Clarencetown. Place of the black ducks

Esdai - Denman district [46]

Eskdale - Land granted to Walter Scott - Williams River. Situated on the opposite bank to Irrawang

Estelville - Old name for Cameron Park. Named after the Hon. John Estell, Minister for Mines [46]

Estellville - On Map of Young Wallsend

Eulengo - Estate of E. Doyle at Jerry's Plains

Euroka - district of Liverpool Plains; station of E.B. Cornish

Evelien - Area of Cardiff South (c. 1904)

Ewbank - located at Singleton. Bank manager's residence

Eyeball Reach - Estate of William Peppercorn