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Item: 199075
Surname: Keddie
First Name: Irving
Ship: 1856
Date: 1888
Place: Newcastle
Source: The Aldine centennial history of New South Wales illustrated / W. Frederic Morrison Morrison, W. Frederic Sydney. The Aldine Publishing Company, 1888
Details: IRVING KEDDIE, Blacksmith, was born at Gilmerton, near Edinburgh, in 1834, and came to Sydney in 1856, removing almost immediately to the Newcastle district, where he has since remained. He followed mining for a time, then resumed his trade as a blacksmith, and up to 1879 worked at various collieries. In that year he built a hotel and blacksmiths shop, and now carries on the latter trade and leases the hotel to Mr. Edmere. In 1880 Mr. Keddie was returned as alderman for the district and has sat continuously ever since. He is a representative man, having lived and worked here many years. By industry and perseverance he has made for himself a good name and a competence. He is a member of the G.U.O.O.F., and has been so for twenty-nine years; has been a member of the Druids for nineteen years, and is an active member of the Presbyterian Church. He is the father of two sons and six daughters and is a grandfather. In 1887 Mr. Keddie erected a brick terrace, which he named Liberton Terrace after the parish in which he was born.