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Item: 167820
Surname: Johnson (Johnston)
First Name: James
Ship: Larkins 1817
Date: 30 April 1817
Place: Woolwich
Source: Uk Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books
Details: Age 19. Tried in London 4 December 1816 and sentenced to transportation for life. Received onto the Retribution hulk from Newgate on 30 April 1817 and transferred to the Larkins on 3 July 1817 for transportation to NSW

Item: 167801
Surname: Johnston (Johnson)
First Name: James
Ship: Larkins 1817
Date: March 1825
Place: Newcastle
Source: Colonial Secretary's Papers. Monthly Return of Corporal Punishments inflicted at Newcastle
Details: William Tunnicliffe, Thomas Smith, Joseph Pritchard, James Johnston, John Duncan and James O'Berry all assigned to government service. The first four sentenced to 100 lashes and the last two to 50 lashes for absenting themselves from the settlement at Newcastle and on a strong suspicion of piratically seizing, carrying away and destroying a boat, the property of the Crown