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Ship: Sydney 1852
Date: 17 November 1852
Place: Port Jackson
Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Details: Arrival, November 16 - A. R. M. steam ship Sydney, 1500 tons, Captain Franklyn, from Plymouth, August 4h and Melbourne 13th instant. Passengers from England - Mr. and Mrs. Young, two children and servant, Mr. and Mrs. Lockesteen, three children and two servants, Captain and Mrs. Brownrigg, five children and two servants, Mr. Dubois, Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Reid, Dep. Comm. Gen. Coxworthy, Mrs. Coxworthy and five children, Captain Souten, Messrs Matheson, Seymour, Bell, Mannering, Wollaston, Clark, Barber

Surname: Brownrigg
First Name: Marcus Freeman
Ship: Sydney 1852
Date: Arrived 16 November 1852
Place: Port Jackson
Source: Pure merinos and others: The Shipping Lists of The Australian Agricultural Company, Australian National University, Archives of Business and Labour, Canberra, 1986
Details: Marcus Freeman Brownrigg, Superintendent A. A. Company, with wife, son and three daughters, passengers on steam ship Sydney in 1852