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Ship: Duke of Wellington 1852
Date: 31 March 1852
Place: Port Jackson
Source: Empire
Details: Arrival - 30 March, Duke of Wellington, ship, 560 tons. Captain R. Miller, from the Downs 13th December. Passengers. Mr. W. L. Lawrence, Mr. A. Kenrick, Mr. W. Cook, Dr. Edmonds and Mr. Edmonds junior, J and A. Andrews, W. Kenny, J. Battrey, D. C. Ferris, W. Chapman and wife, J. Ewbank, G. Pepper, W. Newburn, C. Nunn, P and C. Baylis, W. Alexander and daughter Miss C. De Rudeval, S. Hallum, W. Bryant, J. H. Huntingdon, wife and 5 children, J. and T. Ives, E. Smith, wife and child, U. Nettleton, J. T. Coats, G and I. Taylor, H. W. Atwill, U. Raven, T. Uyckwall, J. L. Cromartie, J. Bland, F. Johnson, W. Blackburn, J. G. Rushton, C. Hearne, T. Talbot, A. Allegra, A. Knowles, wife and child, Miss M. A. Clark, J. Clark, W. Brown, C. Hall, Constable and wife, E. Sharp, E. Searle, J. Dale, W. Andrews, J. P. Bird, R. Collier. A. Owen, G. Stewart, H. Bush, J. Barker, J. Carey, W. Hay, G. Stepenson, S. Smith

Surname: Collier
First Name: James
Ship: Duke of Wellington 1852
Date: 8 January 1861
Place: Maitland Gaol
Source: Maitland Gaol Entrance Book. State Archives NSW; Roll: 2370
Details: Tailor from Bristol. Admitted to Maitland gaol from Newcastle. Sentenced to 3 months hard labour

Surname: Kenrick
First Name: Atwell
Ship: Duke of Wellington 1852
Date: 1852
Place: Port Jackson
Source: Pure merinos and others: The Shipping Lists of The Australian Agricultural Company, Australian National University, Archives of Business and Labour, Canberra, 1986
Details: Atwell Kenrick, clerk, passenger on the Duke of Wellington. Employed by the A. A. Company