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Item: 173132
Surname: -
First Name: -
Ship: Burhampooter 1841
Date: 10 August 1841
Place: Port Jackson
Source: Australasian Chronicle
Details: Arrived from London having left Plymouth 19th April. Captain Brown, with emigrants. Passengers Mr. Dobson, Miss Rugledge, Neil Campbell Esq., surgeon, Captain Hollingsworth R.N. Miss Hollinsworth, Captain Dobson R.N. Mrs. Dobson, Messrs Forbes, Batton and Rutledge. Steerage Mrs. Payne and child, Miss Payne, Messrs French, Bligh, Cottenham and John

Item: 173131
Surname: Seabrock (Seabrook)
First Name: William, Mary Ann
Ship: Burhampooter 1841
Date: 7 August 1841
Place: Port Jackson
Source: State Records Online Shipping List
Details: William Seabrock, 31, labourer from Staffordshire, Mary A. 28, glove maker from Wiltshire, emigrants on the Burhampooter in 1841

Item: 173130
Surname: Seabrook
First Name: William and Mary Ann
Ship: Burhampooter 1841 (came free)
Date: 10 January 1843
Place: Newcastle gaol
Source: State Archives NSW. Gaol Entrance Books. Item: 2/2020; Roll: 757
Details: Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Maitland on a charge of larceny. Sent for trial