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The Steam Packet Inn


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The Steam Packet Inn


Last Updated 3 July 2020

The Steam Packet Inn was situated on the Eastern corner of Hunter and Newcomen Streets, Newcastle. This was the same allotment or close to that the Australian Inn was situated on. - See Map of Newcastle.

Adjoining the Inn was the residence of Thomas Buxton, and at the rear of those properties was a spring known as the Water Reserve. It was from this spring that the residents of early Newcastle secured their water supply.

Carts and barrels went in from Hunter Street by a narrow lane at the side of Buxton's property and when barrels were filled, continued along the lane and came out in Newcomen Street at the rear of the Steam Packet. [1]

Steam Packet Inn at Newcastle - Newcastle Sun 1 March 1950The Steampacket Inn

Henry Williams held the license in the 1860s. The Hotel was burned to the ground in July 1862 and Henry William's young daughter died in the fire.[2]

Fire in the Steampacket Inn at Newcastle Australian Town & Country Journal 3 September 1881[3]

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(1) Many years later the Council erected Corporation Baths on the site of the spring.

(2) In 1891 a Bank occupied this site. (See Photo)


[1] Gould, W.J., Newcastle and Hunter District Historical Society Journal and Proceedings, Volume 1 1847

[2] Maitland Mercury 17 July 1862

[3] Australian Town and Country Journal 3 September 1881



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