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Item: 152511
Surname: Kingsmill (obit)
First Name: John
Ship: Asia 1825 (1)
Date: 1869 10 July
Place: East Maitland
Source: Maitland Mercury
Details: DEATH OF MR. JOHN KINGSMILL. Our readers will have observed that on Wednesday last Mr. John Kingsmill died, in East Maitland. He had reached the advanced age of 75 years. Our present townsmen have known Mr. Kingsmill only as a gradually failing, infirm, old man, but many will remember him a fine, erect, stalwart man, the life and pleasure of any society into which he was thrown. Back in the terrible days of 1842, 3, 4, circum- stances made Mr. Kingsmill a power in the district. The sheriff s bailiff was then one of the most active and most dreaded of our officials. But so far from maintaining the traditional hard character of such an officer, Mr. Kingsmill was the kindest man who had ever performed these unpleasant duties. Always vigilant and efficient in duty, he had a warm and feeling heart, and perhaps no man in Maitland had a wider circle of attached and loving friends. Of late years growing infirmities first his resignation of the office, and gradually his withdrawal from all public affairs in which, in his days of vigour, he took a fair share, although, like many men of good conversational powers he was a very poor speech-maker.

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