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Item: 180633
Surname: Sheehan
First Name: Edmond
Ship: Forth 1830 (1)
Date: 1830
Place: -
Source: Convict Indents. State Archives NSW. Microfiche 675. (Ancestry)
Details: Aged 19. Native place Kerry. Tried 18 August 1829 and sentenced to 7 years transportation for cow stealing. Assigned to John Turner at Hunter River on arrival

Item: 180635
Surname: Sheehan (Shehan)
First Name: Edmond
Ship: Forth 1830 (1)
Date: 27 October 1835
Place: Newcastle
Source: Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions, Bench Books, 1833-1836 (Ancestry)
Details: Edmond Shehan per Forth assigned to Mr. McLean charged with insolence. Mr. McLean testified....On Monday morning I went to the stock yard and found that the working bullocks were not brought in The prisoner who is stockman said he could not find them. I found fault with him not putting them in the paddock on Sunday as he had been in the habit of doing. I desired him to go and fetch them in he said he would not until he had his breakfast. I told him he was a little worth fellow when he called me a damned old scoundrel and rogue and an old bugger and used a great deal of bad language. I have not told half the bad language he used.. Guilty. Sentenced to 75 lashes....Mr. McLean having informed the court that the prisoner Edmond Shehan his assigned servant has several wild cattle running in the bush among his cattle The prisoner is directed to find and deliver up the said cattle to his master Mr. McLean who is authorised by usto receive them and to deliver to the poundkeeper for sale