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Item: 197863
Surname: O Leary
First Name: Rev. Patrick
Ship: -
Date: 13 December 1898
Place: East Maitland
Source: Maitland Daily Mercury
Details: By the death of the Rev. Patrick O Leary, P.P., of East Maitland, which took place yesterday, there has been removed from the ranks of the Roman Catholic clergy of the diocese of Maitland one of her foremost men, and one whom it will be a difficult matter to replace. For a number of years during the seventies he resided in Singleton as a curate to the Rev. Father Fontaine. Subsequently he removed to Scone, whence he was, transferred to East Maitland, His preaching proclaimed him a man singularly broad in his views, while his regular features, his pleasant voice, and his graceful gesture all lent their powerful aid to win him innumerable friends. His career was eventful and his fruitful record is, to be observed in many portions of the diocese. He was a man of stainless honour and integrity, a man .in whom every acquaintance of his had the. utmost confidence, and this confidence increased as acquaintanceship melted into friendship. He was a man of strong, affections, and, like the Master whom he served so well, he loved, his friends until the end. He had an inflexible will, and yet in all social relations he was as gentle as a child