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Item: 147392
Surname: Innes
First Name: Sarah Jane and Thomas
Ship: -
Date: 1885 16 May
Place: Bloomfield
Source: MM
Details: Death on 21st April 1885 of Sarah Jane, beloved wife of Thomas Innes, youngest daughter of William and Alice Groves of Elmhurst. Aged 29 years

Item: 199642
Surname: Innes
First Name: Thomas
Ship: -
Date: 30 December 1869
Place: Newcastle
Source: Newcastle Chronicle
Details: Advertisement. Ship chandler

Item: 154647
Surname: Ninness
First Name: Thomas
Ship: -
Date: 1853 31 July
Place: Houghton, Paterson
Source: Australian Births and Baptisms - Family Search Historical Records
Details: Baptism of Thomas Dillon Ninness, son of William and Jane Ninness (born 30 March 1853)