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Item: 107704
Surname: Brothers
First Name: Constable Johnson
Ship: -
Date: 1830 19 June
Place: Patersons Plains
Source: SG
Details: Free. Appointed constable in place of John Boardman who was dismissed

Item: 121697
Surname: Brothers
First Name: Johnson
Ship: -
Date: 1842 5 April
Place: Co. Northumberland, parish of Maitland, at West Maitland
Source: GG
Details: Claim for Deed of Grant. 40 acres located on an order of Gov. Darling dated 15th June 1829 in favour of Johnson Brothers who sold the land and departed the colony. Claimaints to Deed: Richard Stark ; James Horton; George Glew; William Sterling; Lieut. Samuel Graves Irving; William Twiss Foster; and Mr. Jennings