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Item: 197891
Surname: Mayne
First Name: Rev. W. T
Ship: -
Date: 1866
Place: Newcastle
Source: Glory be 1845-1945, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the opening of the first Wesleyan Chapel in Newcastle
Details: Strenuous efforts to reduce the debt on the church were made following the arrival of Rev. W. T. Mayne in 1866. The Newcomen Street property was sold for £700, and members subscribed £260 at special services. A heavy gale in November next year damaged the church, making slight alterations to the roof necessary. For a few weeks services were held in the Oddfellows Hall at the corner of Darby and Laman Streets

Item: 149926
Surname: Mayne
First Name: Rev. William T
Ship: -
Date: 1867
Place: Lake Macquarie Road, Co. Northumberland, Parish of St. John
Source: Bailliere's Official Postal Directory 1867 p164
Details: Residence: Kenrick Cottage