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Lamb Inn West Maitland


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The Lamb Inn

West Maitland

Nathan Joseph

Although Nathan Joseph had only held the license for the Lamb Inn for a short time in 1849, he was an experienced Innkeeper as he had previously held the license for the Traveller's Inn in Singleton. His experience led him to suspect two visitors to the Lamb Inn in September 1849 and he kept a close watch on them. When his wife discovered a valuable shawl missing, Mr. Joseph called in the constables who searched the couple's carpet bags and room. Along with stolen items found hidden in their bed was a leather pouch containing eleven skeleton keys and four picklocks. Maitland Mercury 5 December 1849

Nathan Joseph held the licence for the Golden Fleece Inn at Singleton in 1853 - 1856. He died at Singleton in 1859.

William Drew

William Drew held the licence for the Commercial Inn in 1848. His application for the same Inn in 1849 was refused by the Bench. He held the publicans' license at the Wool Team Inn at East Maitland in March 1850.

He was granted a publicans' licence for the Lamb Inn 1851.

He held the licence for the Maitland Hotel in High Street 1853 - 1855

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