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Item: 183141
Surname: Field
First Name: James
Ship: Coromandel 1802
Date: 1801
Place: -
Source: Convict Indents. State Archives NSW. Microfiche 630. (Ancestry)
Details: James Field, convicted 15 April 1801 at Middlesex

Item: 183142
Surname: Field
First Name: James
Ship: Coromandel 1802
Date: 15 April 1801
Place: The Old Bailey London
Source: The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online
Details: JAMES HICKMAN, alias FOSSETT , and JAMES FIELD , were indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 27th of February , one hundred and seventy pounds weight of tea, value 40l. the property of John Johnson , and Robert Thorley. Found Guilty. James Field sentenced to 7 years transportation (age 30)

Item: 168035
Surname: Field
First Name: James
Ship: Coromandel 1802 (?)....
Date: 22 April 1804
Place: Coal Harbour, Newcastle
Source: SG
Details: Two out of the four men who left the Settlement at Newcastle some time ago and have kept about the Coal Harbour were killed by the natives and the other two with Sergeant Day's boat (?James Field) made their escape towards Port Stephens on the Lady Nelson's appearance at Newcastle

Item: 168025
Surname: Field
First Name: James
Ship: Coromandel 1802 (?).....
Date: 1 July 1804
Place: Newcastle
Source: HRA, Series 1, vol. 3, p. 112. Lieut. Menzies to Gov. King
Details: On the 29th ult, James Field, one of three persons who ran off with Sergeant Day s boat from Sydney gave himself up he was quite naked, speared and beat in several places by the Natives, and has not eaten anything for five days; I took him just as he came in, and showed him to all the prisoners; I could wish to be allowed to retain him here, as I think from the account he gives of his misfortunes, and the truly miserable and wretched spectacle he exhibited, it will prevent others from attempting the same with any of our boats that go up the River, by his representing to them the punishment and misery that awaits their rashness and offence. The transactions with Sergeant Days boat after leaving Port Jackson with Broadbent and Johnson, each victualled for six months and most completely equipped were as follows: They made the place in three days, got the boat into a creek, and decked her with cedar slabs, which occupied a week, came down the harbour in the night and passed a schooner at anchor, shaped their course to Port Stephens, remained there three days, left that Port with an intention of reaching Timor, proceeded about 100 miles further to the Northward, when a heavy gale of wind came on, the boat drove on shore and dashed to pieces, they however got safe on shore, saved everything that was in her, and remained there a week with a view of repairing her, at the end of which all hopes vanished; they then determined to return to Sydney and give themselves up; with this intention they were packing up their provisions when the natives came suddenly on them and threw a number of spears, one of which mortally wounded Broadbent, Johnson received six in different parts and died in five days afterwards; Field also received several; they were then stripped of everything, but he found the natives more friendly as he approached the settlement, generally supplying him with a little fish and fern root, by which means he was enabled to crawl to this place