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Surname: -
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Ship: Charlotte Jane 1848
Date: 1848 11 October
Place: Sydney
Source: MM
Details: Made an excellent passage of 99 days from the Downs. Had on board 254 English and Scottish immigrants - 41 married couples, 56 single men, 36 single women, 44 boys and 36 girls under 14 years of age. One birth on the voyage but no deaths and all immigrants in excellent health. This was the Charlotte Jane's first voyage

Surname: -
First Name: -
Ship: Charlotte Jane 1848
Date: 9 October 1848
Place: Port Jackson
Source: SMH
Details: Shipping arrival - October 8 - Charlotte Jane, ship, 729 tons, Captain Lawrence, from London, with immigrants, having left the Downs on the 30th June and Start Point on 4th July. Passengers Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kerr and servant, Mrs. Lawrence, child and servant, Miss Wilson, Mr. Murray and Dr. Jamieson, Surgeon-superintendent

Surname: Arkell
First Name: Charles Henry
Ship: Charlotte Jane 1848
Date: -
Place: -
Source: Maitland Family History Circle's Pre 1900 Pioneer Register
Details: Married 16 March 1853 to Sarah Ann Lyons. For more information see Entry No. 11 in the Pioneer Register