Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Convict Ship Princess Victoria - 1834

Embarked: 14 men
Tons: 475
Deaths: 1
Surgeon's Journal: no
Captain James F. Bissett

The Princess Victoria Arrived in Sydney from Calcutta via Hobart on 28th November 1834 having sailed from Calcutta on 10th August and Hobart 19th November.

Free Passengers

Passengers included Dr. Wilson R.N., Mr. John Stubbs, Rolla O'Ferral, Esq., Captain Laird, late of the 31st regiment, Mr. William Clay, and 13 European prisoners of the Crown from England.

The Convicts

The prisoners were all formerly soldiers from England and Ireland who had been convicted of crimes such as mutiny, stabbing with a bayonet, shooting with intent and assault.

Henry Boggs native place Fermanagh
James Bridle native place Dorsetshire. Died at Parramatta 15 May 1838
John Callon native place Leeds
Patrick Clinton died on board at Calcutta
Edmund Carman native place Chester
Thomas Gillon native place Nottingham
Edward Gretton native place Nottingham
John Hornby native place York. Granted Conditional Pardon 1 January 1840
James Hall native place Bradford, Yorkshire
George Harman native place Wiltshire
George McDonald native place Lancashire. Died in 1840
Thomas Nowlan native place Kilkenny. Was previously in the colony as a soldier in the 57th regiment
Michael O'Brien native place Limerick. Died in Newcastle Hospital 4 January 1840
George Train

The Sydney Herald reported that two beautiful entire Arabian horses were imported on the Princess Victoria for Richard Jones Esq.,

Notes and Links

1). Convicts and passengers of the Princess Victoria identified in the Hunter Valley


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