Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Convict Ship Guide - 1818

The Guide arrived in Port Jackson from Calcutta on 9 November 1818.

Captain Higgins brought with him two papers signed by the Sheriff of Calcutta respecting the convictions of the prisoners, however no communication had been sent to Sydney from the Government of India and consequently although they were received as convicts, the warrant and authority for the continuing to be treated as such was required by the colonial authorities to justify detaining them in a state of bondage. [1]

The following prisoners arrived on the Guide [2]

William Toole tried in Calcutta 17 November 1817. 7 years. Native place Kings co. Artillery. Age 26

James Garthelny tried in Calcutta 7 November 1817. 5 years. Native place Co. Louth. Occupation soldier. Age 33

Thomas Williams otherwise called Caesar tried in Calcutta 1817. Sentenced to life. Native place Madras. Age 50

Samuel Lickler tried in Madras. Tried 1817. Sentenced to transportation for life. Native place Cheshire. Occupation soldier. Age 35


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