Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Convict Ship Governor Bourke - 1833

Embarked: 3
Deaths: 0
Surgeon's Journal- No
Master: Acres

The schooner Governor Bourke departed Swan River on 23 January 1833 and arrived in Sydney on 21 February 1833 with three prisoners of the Crown


Supercargo Mr. Mars
Mr. Benjamin Dyer, Mr. James Mapleton, Mr. John Perkins, Mr. Alexander Dutton, Mrs. Dutton and three children, Mr. Brown and three children, Mr. Henry Hook, Mr. William Bowles, Mr. Charles Hood.


1. William Booker - Age 32. Wheelwright from Sussex. Tried at Fremantle Quarter Sessions 7 October 1832. Sentenced to 14 years transportation for burglary. William Booker was assigned to John Pike at Pickering in April 1833. Note- Booker's father William Booker, a wheelwright at N. E. arm of Broken Bay. Booker was originally transported for seven years by the ship Isabella in 1818, was tried at Kent 10 January 1818. He received a Certificate of Freedom dated 13 Janaury 1825.

2. Charles Lewis - Age 33. Blacksmith from Staffordshire. Tried at Fremantle Quarter Sessions 1 October 1832. Sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing tools. Assigned servant to William Dumaresq at St. Hilliers in April 1833. He died at Newcastle Hospital 23 May 1837

3. Thomas Worrall - Age 42. Butcher, shepherd and farm servant from Shropshire. Tried at Fremantle Quarter Sessions 1 June 1833. Sentenced to 7 years transportation for receiving stolen goods. Note - Thomas Worrall originally arrived by the ship Almorah in 1817, was tried at Stafford Assizes 1 August 1816. Sentenced to 14 years transportation. Granted a Free Pardon dated 4 June 1819 from Gov. Macquarie. In 1836 he was assigned to P. King at Penrith. He was granted a Ticket of Leave for the disrict of Invermein in 1839. A Ticket of Leave for Maitland was cancelled in July 1843 after he was convicted of drunkenness and assault.