Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Convict Ship Clorinda - 1835

Embarked: 9 men
Surgeon's Journal: no
Master : Philip Mitchell

The Clorinda arrived in Port Jackson from Ceylon, Mauritius and Hobart on Tuesday 12 May 1835.

Free Passengers

Passengers James Young Esq., merchant, Lieutenant Jones, Ceylon Rifles; four rank and file of the 78th regiment, one Lascar


Nine prisoners of the Crown arrived on the Clorinda:

Bartholomew Caulfield, native place Limerick, soldier of 97th regiment - crime: rape

James Delaney, native place City of Dublin, soldier of 58th regiment - crime: Stabbing with intent to do grievous bodily harm

John Grant, native place Inverness, baker and soldier 78th regiment. Crime - Attempting to shoot a non-comm officer

Robert Gibb, native place Co. Northumberland, Groom and soldier in the artillery. Crime - manslaughter

Thomas Johnnings, native place Kings Co., labourer and soldier of 58th regiment. Crime mutinous and insubordinate conduct

Thomas Flannery, native place Sligo, servant and soldier of 61st regiment. Crime: assault and robbery

James Karney, Native place Co. Meath. Porter and soldier Crime: stabbing and wounding

Allan Ramsay, native place Cork, servant and soldier of 61st regiment. Crime assault and robbery

Matthew Sullivan, native place Co. Tipperary. Groom and soldier of 97th regiment. Crime Rape.

Notes and Links

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