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Item: 174535
Surname: Macpherson (McPherson)
First Name: Major Ewen
Ship: -
Date: 10 September 1855
Place: Newcastle
Source: SMH
Details: MACPHERSON TESTIMONIAL.-.The committee and a number of the subscribers met, on Wednesday last, the 6th instant, at twelve oclock, at the Military Barracks, for the purpose of presenting to Colonel Macpherson an address and testimonial, expressive of the feelings entertained toward him on the occasion of his departure from Newcastle. On the arrival of the subscribers at the residence of J. E. Stacy, Esq., where, since the breaking up his own establishment consequent on hie departure, the Colonel has been staying, they were met by Dr. Stacy, who read the address to Colonel Macpherson, and presented him with the testimonial. The address was warmly and with much taste responded to by the gallant Colonel, who during the delivery of his reply evidently struggled hard to repress his rising emotions. The ceremony being over, the subscribers were invited by Dr. Stacy into an adjoining room, where refreshments had been prepared, und the company spent a short period in the intercharge of social and appropriate sentiments. The chair was occupied by the worthy host, who, as the opening toast, gave the Queen, which was followed by that of our Allies, the French, and others. In responding to his health, which was enthusiastically given, Colonel Macpherson briefly referred to the ties of regard which would ever bind him to the inhabitants of Newcastle. In return for his own health, Dr. Stacy expressed the pleasure the occasion had afforded I him in aiding in any way to give effect to the expression of the universal good-will towards Colonel Macpherson, and in the opportunity it had given him of meeting the gentlemen present. After a few other appropriate toasts, the company separated. The presentation consisted of a silver salver, coffee-pot, and service, which cost 116. DEPARTURE OF COLONEL MACPHERSON - Yesterday Colonel Macpherson took his final departure from Newcastle, in the Hunter steamer, for Sydney. A large number of the citizens had assembled on the wharf to pay the colonel a parting tribute of respect ; the assemblage testifying how general was that regard in which he had been held by the inhabitants

Item: 78841
Surname: McPherson (MacPherson)
First Name: Major Ewen
Ship: -
Date: 1850 21 September
Place: Pemberton Grange, Parramatta
Source: MM
Details: 99th regt.,Youngest son Charles Edward died aged 5yrs 9mths of scarlet fever on 15 September

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