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Item: 180450
Surname: Gibson
First Name: Lieutenant Thomas
Ship: -
Date: 21 July 1835
Place: Newcastle
Source: Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions, Bench Books, 1833-1836 (Ancestry)
Details: James Smith alias Scott, government employee attached to the Engineer s Department. Charged with receiving stolen property belonging to the Crown...Lieut. Gibson of 4th Kings Own Regt., testified....On Friday 17th July, Sergeant John Burnes of 4th regt., reported to me as his Officer Commanding the detachment that one of the soldiers was seen with a blanket and a rug in his possession leaving the Barracks store. He was followed to Mr. Dodd s house and the blanket found in the possession of the prisoner who acknowledged having bought the blanket from the soldier. The blanket produced before the Bench was assigned to me from the Barrack department in Sydney...Sergeant Burnes testified....On Friday evening last I was in my quarters. I was told that Private Gregory had gone out the back with a blanket and a bag rolled down under his arm. I followed him down to the Stockade and asked the sentry if he had seen him. He said he had going along the Beach. I followed him but could not find him. I returned home to the barracks. I was then told that Gregory was in the Barracks. I then ordered the Corporal of the Guard to confine him. I asked him where the blanket was and he told me if he would tell me where it was I would say no more about it. He told me it was with Mr. Dodds man. I took him and went to Mr. Dodds kitchen. Gregory asked the prisoner for the blanket. He refused to return it until he got the two shillings he gave for it. I gave him the two shillings and he gave me the blanket. I brought the blanket and rug home with me. Gregory said he intended to fetch the blanket on the Wednesday following. John Smith found guilty and sentenced to fifty lashes

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