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Item: 149760
Surname: Bonarius (Clarke)
First Name: Gertrude
Ship: -
Date: 1885 18 July
Place: Sea View House, Newcastle
Source: MM
Details: Marriage of John Clarke, son of T. Clarke of Horseshoe Bend to Gertrude, second surviving daughter of John Charles Bonarius on 2nd July 1885. Minister Rev. William Bain

Item: 137460
Surname: Bonarius (Cronin)
First Name: Charlotte Rebecca
Ship: -
Date: 1889 16 July
Place: Newcastle
Source: MM
Details: Marriage of Thomas, only son of M. Cronin of West Maitland and Charlotte Rebecca, youngest daughter of J.C. Bonarius of Newcastle on 27 June 1889. Minister Rev. P. Meagher

Item: 149260
Surname: Bonarius (Petherbridge)
First Name: Ada Adeline
Ship: -
Date: 1880 25 October
Place: Fairview House, East Maitland
Source: SMH
Details: Marriage of Thomas Samuel Petherbridge, merchant of East Maitland to Ada Adeline, eldest daughter of John Bonarius on 19 October. Minister Rev. William Bain

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