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Item: 192390
Surname: Wyatt
First Name: Henry
Ship: Nithsdale 1830
Date: 1 October 1829. 7 November 1832
Place: England
Source: National Archives Kew. Criminal Petitions HO 17/54/40
Details: Prisoner name: Henry Wyatt otherwise Henry Wyate otherwise Henry Waite. Prisoner age: 17. Prisoner occupation: Cotton spinner. Court and date of trial: Chester Summer Assizes, August 1829. Crime: First indictment Maliciously cutting and stabbing James Burgess at Stockport on 24 August 1829. Second indictment cutting and stabbing with intent to maim and disable.. Third indictment cutting and stabbing with intent to do some grievous bodily harm. Initial sentence: Death, commuted to transportation for life. Gaolers report: Character indifferent. Annotated: Nil. Send abroad. In New South Wales. Petitioner(s): 60 inhabitants of Stockport. Mary Wyate alias Mary Wyatt (mother) with 96 inhabitants of Stockport; 80 inhabitants of Stockport; Joseph Slater (known to convict). Grounds for clemency: He did nt carry the knife; first offence; his age. Other papers: Letter from J H Lloyd [counsel] transmitting one of the petitions. Printed copy of the trial report from the Macclesfield and Stockport newspapers explaining that the crime followed industrial action by 10,000 men in Stockport, who had withdrawn their labour for 33 weeks. Additional Information: A very full account of the crime and the trial is given. Thomas Wyatt and William Wyatt (convict s brothers) were sentenced with James Pollitt to two years imprisonment for aiding and abetting the convict.

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