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Item: 34540
Surname: Standfield
First Name: Thomas
Ship: Surry 1834
Date: -
Place: Hunter's Hill, Luskintyre
Source: -
Details: Tolpuddle Martyr. Assigned to Timothy Nowlan

Item: 168944
Surname: Standfield
First Name: Thomas and John
Ship: Surry 1834
Date: 1833
Place: Dorchester
Source: The Annual Register
Details: Dorchester. Administering Unlawful Oaths . James Loveless, George Loveless, Thomas Standfield, John Standfield, James Hammet, and James Brine, were convicted on the 17th of administering unlawful oaths. The parties were labourers. The offence of swearing agricultural labourers, and binding them to an observance of the illegal oath, by ceremonies partaking of mingled folly, superstition, and ferocity, was brought home to the accused ; and the conviction was this day followed by a sentence of transportation for seven years against the whole of them, six in number.

Item: 40854
Surname: Standfield (Stanfield)
First Name: Thomas
Ship: Surry 1834
Date: 1836 10 September
Place: Hunter Valley
Source: SG
Details: Granted an Absolute Pardon. Tolpuddle Martyr