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Item: 166853
Surname: Mudie
First Name: James, Emily, Isabella, Maria...
Ship: Asia 1822
Date: 1825
Place: Newcastle
Source: New South Wales and Tasmania, Australia Convict Musters
Details: James Mudie, settler at Newcastle. Came free per 'Asia' with daughters Emily, Maria and Isabella

Item: 64500
Surname: Mudie
First Name: Maria
Ship: -
Date: 1830 19 June
Place: St. Phillips Church
Source: SG
Details: Marriage of George Boyle White, Assistant Surveyor and Maria, youngest daughter of James Mudie of Castle Forbes on 17th June

Item: 166852
Surname: Mudie
First Name: Maria
Ship: Ann 1811
Date: 1825
Place: -
Source: Convict Muster (Ancestry)
Details: Came Free. Daughter of Mr. Mudie of Newcastle

Item: 133895
Surname: White (nee Mudie)
First Name: Maria Greig
Ship: -
Date: 1856 19 March
Place: Greenwood, near Singleton
Source: MM
Details: Wife of George Boyle White. Died at Greenwood near Singleton on Tuesday 11th March age 45. Much regretted by her children and friends