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Item: 198991
Surname: Morison
First Name: Robert and James
Ship: -
Date: 1888
Place: Newcastle
Source: The Aldine centennial history of New South Wales illustrated / W. Frederic Morrison Morrison, W. Frederic Sydney. The Aldine Publishing Company, 1888
Details: . MORISON AND BEARLY, Soho Foundry and Works, Bullock Island.-This firm, consisting of Robert Morison, James Morison, and Edwin Bearly, commenced business in 1874, and were for a time only assisted by one boy, but their trade has so increased that they now employ 110 hands. Mr. R. Morison is the general manager, Mr. Bearly superintends the foundry, and Mr. J. Morison has charge of the engineering department. A considerable share of their work is the manufacture of the most advanced type of marine engines. The first work they did as engineers was in the construction of it small engine of four horse-power for a cordial factory, but now they turn out the machinery of the fastest tug and passenger boats on northern waters of as high as 150 horse-power. They are also largely employed in manufacturing colliery winding and hauling gear, sanitary pipe, and brick-making machinery, and saw-mill gear, and a special feature of their foundry work is the casting of cylinders for coal pits. Some of the latter, as turned out by Morison and Bearley, measure seventeen feet in diameter by one inch and a quarter in thickness, the whole tubing of a shaft weighing as much as 375 tons. They do a large trade also in builders and ship ironworks, build all classes of land and marine boilers, and execute repairs to machinery of as large vessels as could be dealt with in most of the Sydney engineering works. The firm s foundry and engineering plant are the largest in the northern district, and cover an acre of ground. )Jr. R. Morison learned his business with his father in Sydney. He is a member of the Committee of the School of Arts, of the Wesleyan Church, and of the Committee of the Y.M.C.A

Item: 190838
Surname: Morison (obit)
First Name: Robert
Ship: Francis Walker 1852
Date: 9 March 1914
Place: Waratah
Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Details: Mr. Robert Morison, who died at his residence, Mayfield, Waratah, on Thursday, was well-known in this city and district. He was born in England on May 20, 1840, and came to Australia with his parents in 1852 in the ship Francis Walker. As a youth Robert Morison served an apprenticeship at the establishment of Messrs. Halliday Bros. One of his early duties was to assist the late Mr. Barnes to install some of the first printing machines in the offices of the Sydney Morning Herald. In later years he came to Newcastle, and worked in the first rail- way shops at Honeysuckle. Returning to Sydney, he entered the service of Mort s Dock Engineering Company, and had considerable experience in some of the early steamboats running to Australia. In 1875 Mr. Morison and Mr. E. W. Bearby entered into partnership as engineers at Carrington. Shortly afterwards Mr. James Morison, a brother, joined the firm, and to-day the firm of R. and J. Morison and Bearby is known throughout Australasia. Mr. Morison was prominently associated with the Methodist Church, and for many years was a local preacher in the Newcastle district, and teacher and superintendent at the Wesleyan Sabbath School in Tyrell street, Newcastle. He also held the position of trustee for a number of churches in the district. He was a supporter of the Y.M.C.A. in Newcastle, and a president and member of the committee of the local auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society. Deceased leaves a widow and four daughters - Miss Morison, Mrs. F. A. Moxey, Mrs. R. Bryant, junr., and Mrs. R. G. Ellis and one son, Mr. D. N. Morison.