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Item: 165411
Surname: Kievers
First Name: Thomas
Ship: Bengal Merchant 1835.....
Date: 10 November 1840
Place: -
Source: Australasian Chronicle
Details: Approved at the trial of bushrangers Mason, Martin, and Walker. Native of Co. Mayo but bred in Newcastle upon Tyne. Occupation: travelling pedlar. On arrival in the colony he was assigned from the barracks to Mr. Bettington. Had been punished four times, twice for losing sheep, once for going away from his station without a pass and once for refusing to carry rations fifteen miles; the first time he received fifty lashes, the second time a hundred, then the third tim twenty five and the fourth time fifty. The last station he was on was three miles from Boggy Byrne Creek. The reason he took to the bush was because he was ill treated by the superintendent.