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Surname: Jacob
First Name: Captain Henry Hutton
Ship: -
Date: February 1837
Place: -
Source: United Service Magazine
Details: Captain Henry Hutton Jacob appointed Major in the Army

Surname: Jacob
First Name: Henry Hutton
Ship: -
Date: 1840 1 January
Place: Newcastle
Source: Colonial Secretary. Returns of the Colony
Details: Appointed assistant Engineer and Superintendent Newcastle Stockade

Surname: Jacob
First Name: Henry Hutton
Ship: -
Date: -
Place: 23 September 1836
Source: The London Gazette
Details: 80th foot. Captain Henry Hutton Jacob from the 44th regiment of foot, to be Captain vice Moore, whose appointment has not taken place. Daged 23 September 1836

Surname: Jacob
First Name: Major Henry Hutton
Ship: -
Date: 24 November 1840
Place: Sandy Bay, Hobart
Source: Colonial Times (Hobart)
Details: Died at his residence, Sandy Bay, Major Jacob, late of Her Majestys 80th regiment. The friends of the late Major Jacob invited to attend his funeral at St. Davids Church