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Item: 161339
Surname: Alford
First Name: Elizabeth and Thomas
Ship: -
Date: 10 July 1840
Place: Houghton
Source: Australian Births and Baptisms - Family Search Historical Records
Details: Baptism of Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Alford (born 9 June 1840)

Item: 126234
Surname: Alford
First Name: Thomas
Ship: -
Date: 1842 18 June
Place: ?Paterson
Source: SH
Details: Henry Brabason appointed by trustees to collect all debts due to the estate of Thomas Alford

Item: 190673
Surname: Alford
First Name: Thomas
Ship: -
Date: 31 July 1843
Place: Darling Downs
Source: SMH
Details: Thomas Alford late storekeper at Darling Downs. Insolvency proceedings

Item: 191553
Surname: Alford
First Name: Thomas
Ship: -
Date: 7 August 1839
Place: -
Source: West Maitland Register p 9
Details: Marriage of Thomas Alford of Paterson to Elizabeth Boulton of Paterson. Witnesses George Boulton of Paterson and Peter Green of Maitland

Item: 190672
Surname: Alford
First Name: Thomas
Ship: William Metcalfe 1838
Date: 5 September 1838
Place: Sydney
Source: Sydney Herald
Details: Passenger on the William Metcalfe arriving in Sydney in 1838. Occupation - agriculturalist

Item: 190671
Surname: Alford
First Name: Thomas and Elizabeth
Ship: -
Date: 7 August 1909
Place: Toowoomba
Source: The Queenslander
Details: THE FIRST WHITE CHILD BORN IN TOOWOOMBA (1852). Mr. Thomas Alford was married at West Maitland, New South Wales, by the Rev. W. Stack on Wednesday, August 7, 1839 . He left the Paterson, near Maitland, in July, 1842, arriving at Brisbane, then part of New South Wales, during the same month, accompanied by his wife and two young children. The youngest child was christened at Brisbane by the Rev. Mr. Handt. At this time there could not have been more than 500 people in Brisbane, all told, for it is on record that three years later, in 1845, the population of Brisbane was only 829. After a brief stay in Brisbane they left for the Darling Downs, arriving at Cambooya in July or August, 1842. Mrs. Alford, Mrs. Arthur Hodgson, of Eton Vale, and one other were the three first white women on the Darling Downs . Mrs. Alford s two children were probably the first white children on the Downs. The chief Government officer then was residing at Cambooya. After a short stay at Cambooya they returned to The Springs, afterwards known as Drayton. They resided at Drayton continuously from about August, 1842, until the year 1852, when they removed to The Swamp, afterwards known as Toowoomba. At this time there was only one other building at The Swamp, which belonged to old Joe Dent. On July 22, 1852, a son was born (Henry King Alford, residing at Toowoomba, and married to a daughter of the late F. Kates, M.L.A.), being the first white child born there. When being christened at the Church of England it was recorded in the church register that the birth took place at Toowoomba, although at that time the place was called The Swamp By this act and by always heading their letters Toowoomba, Thomas Alford gave the name to the place. (Mrs. Alford, senior, ascertained from the blacks that their name for The Swamp was Toowoomba From that time she addressed her letters from Toowoomba.) About the year 1853 a return to Bris- bane was made, and the business of com- mission agent and horse salesman was carried on in premises at the corner of Queen and Albert streets, just opposite the Australian Hotel, looking from Queen- street. About 1856 the family proceeded to Pikedale Station, beyond Warwick, where Thomas Alford was in charge of the sheep. Rabbits were then running loose at Pikedale, but were confined to one big rabbit warren. They must have died out, for nothing was heard of them in later years. About the year 1859 a final move was made to Toowoomba. From then until his death, in 1864, Thomas Alford carried on the same line of business at Toowoomba that he had in Brisbane, at the Argyle sale-rooms and yards in Ruthven-street, and subsequently at Russell-street, near the railway gates. Thomas Alford died at Toowoomba on 9th, January, 1864. Mrs. Thomas Alford died at Toowoomba on 12th October 1905.

Item: 190674
Surname: Alford
First Name: Thomas and Elizabeth
Ship: -
Date: 10 Jul 140
Place: Paterson
Source: Paterson Baptism Register p 40
Details: Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeh Alford, born 9 June 1840. Baptised 10 July 1840. Occupation of Thomas Alford - merchant

Item: 42967
Surname: Jones (Alford)
First Name: Thomas (William)
Ship: Aurora 1833
Date: 1838 20 March
Place: Maitland
Source: SG
Details: Obtained Ticket of Leave

Item: 133200
Surname: Jones (alias Alford)
First Name: Thomas (alias William)
Ship: -
Date: 1838 21 July
Place: Newcastle
Source: Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
Details: Worked at John Rowell's public house. Witness at the trial of John Harris